Videoconferencing Services

Videoconferencing (VC) technology allows for real-time interaction between instructors and students using real-time audio and video. It allows for the broadcasting of document cameras, movies and content from computer screens to the other side, thus providing an opportunity for teaching and learning across the globe. The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) manages the planning and all the technical aspects of instruction-oriented videoconferences.

AUC has several classrooms equipped with special systems to facilitate VC. These are located at both, the New Cairo campus and the Tahrir Square campus.

Due to the availability of two videoconferencing enabled classrooms at AUC New Cairo, it is advisable that the faculty members check in advance for availability by writing to the CLT at This should be done before confirming with the VC partner.

The working hours for the instructional videoconferencing services are Sunday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 8:30 pm. No sessions are to start before 9 am and no sessions are to end after 9 pm. No sessions are to be scheduled on Fridays, Saturdays and official holidays. You can find these on the master calendar (marked in purple).

All scheduling requests for an instructional video conference are to be submitted in writing via email to at least one week prior to the date of the actual event. The following information should be provided at the time of the request:

  • Date of the event
  • Start time and the expected duration
  • Expected number of attendees at the AUC
  • Name and contact information of the AUC faculty member responsible for the instructional event
  • Contact information for the technical person(s) at the far end
  • Whether or not you plan to broadcast a presentation, video to the far end

VC classrooms are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Space is limited, so planning is critical.