Teaching Advancement Program (TAP)

Launching AUC’s Faculty Learning Community, Leading Innovation in Teaching and Learning at AUC

The Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) is pleased to launch AUC’s new faculty learning community, the Teaching Advancement Program (TAP). We hope the flexibility and diversity of the offerings will encourage our faculty, both new and experienced, to join in conversations and share experiences with colleagues and peers.

Faculty are the key change agents in student learning and an engaged teacher can be an important path to students' success. With its new initiatives in AUC’s Centennial, CLT aims to become the AUC hub for faculty to innovate and learn in a community of faculty developers and peers.

Faculty can now choose from daylong certificates and workshops or engage in a more immersive experience over a semester or the academic year.

The face of faculty development is changing and CLT is responding to this global trend while building our faculty development program to meet the diverse needs of our AUC faculty body.

TAP into one or more of these pathways:

  • Your choice of one or more certificates:

    1. Teaching Enhancement Certificate (TEC1) is a daylong workshop open to all faculty, and required for all new adjunct faculty. This certificate includes:

    • Exploration of teaching philosophies, liberal arts education and teaching goals (TGI)
    • Applying backward design and writing effective learning outcomes
    • Designing effective assessments (formative, summative, classroom assessment techniques)
    • Developing engaging lesson/session plans with the enhanced lecture session
    • Meta-reflection on pedagogy and processes used in the workshop itself, including CATs and technology
    • Plan for follow-up with one-one consultations with CLT

    2. CLT Certificate Tracks are offered in the fall and spring semesters. These are day-long or half-day thematic workshops. Two or more will be offered every fall and spring semester. Check the faculty workshops page for dates and registration details.

    • Active Learning Track (I and II)
    • Assessment for Learning Track
    • Web-Enhanced Learning Track (I and II)
    • Course Design Track
    • Community-Based Learning Track
    • Problem-Based Learning Track

    3. Blackboard Build-your-Course Day (offered in late August and early in each semester)

  • Blended Learning Certificate

    Two-hour interactive workshop sessions offered to both full-time and adjunct faculty. This certificate is offered over one semester with weekly workshops spanning six weeks.

    This certificate aims to provide faculty with a deeper understanding of the considerations for designing and facilitating blended courses as well as give faculty the opportunity to experience a blended course.

    The certificate ­workshop series is designed in a blended format, meaning that it includes face-to-face and online activities. The schedule includes five face-­to­-face sessions plus one to two hours/week of online activities - both of which are essential and integral to the learning experience. To obtain the certificate, faculty members are required to actively participate in online activities, attend at least 80% of face-to-face sessions, and submit a "skeleton syllabus" for their redesigned blended course due at the end of the semester.

    Face-to-face sessions will take place once a week (Wednesday from 1 - 3 pm) for five weeks, starting February 19 and ending on April 22.

  • The Faculty Institute of Teaching and Learning Immersion Track

    The aim of this new pathway is to cultivate reflective and innovative teaching in individuals participating in a year-long learning community for a cultural shift towards innovative pedagogy institution-wide.

    Through the Center for Learning and Teaching, faculty in this cohort will have the opportunity to engage in a newly launched year-long program of workshops, activities and events within a learning community. This program is primarily for both new AUC faculty and faculty who are new to teaching and interested in learning about teaching in higher education. This program is also open to full-time faculty who have been at AUC for some time and are interested in teaching innovation and enhancing student learning.

    The goals of this track are to:

    1. Enhance higher education teaching skills at AUC, with a focus on liberal arts pedagogy
    2. Support faculty in learning about new approaches to receiving formative feedback on their teaching from CLT, their students, and their peers
    3. Enable faculty to make use of CLT resources and seek support and collaboration
    4. Help create a culture of habitually reflective teachers who continually strive to develop as teachers and innovate in their teaching
    5. Prepare faculty on the tenure track and practice lines with a strong teaching portfolio
    6. Build a supportive learning community that can benefit faculty early in their AUC career and beyond


    Registration is required.


    Up to 30 faculty per yearly cohort with priority to new faculty to AUC and early career faculty.

    Time Requirement

    Two hours weekly for six weeks per semester (approximately 24 contact hours over one academic year) plus full-day TEC1 in August or early September. Preparation time, follow-up or online interaction time: One to two hours per week (UW) in the fall and spring semesters 2018 - 2019 and (MR) in the fall and spring semesters 2019 - 2020.