Meet the Team

Center for Learning and Teaching (CLT) continues to collaborate with faculty members to explore new teaching practices aimed at enhancing the student learning experience and fostering innovative and effective use of educational technologies. You can email us at or call at +20.2.2615.3733. If you wish to contact a specific staff member, see the information below:

Hoda Mostafa


tel 20.2.2615.3734

patrizia image

Patrizia Magni

Associate Director, Digital Education

 tel 20.2.2615.3731 

Ahmad El Zorkani

Manager, Instructional Video Services, Digital Education

 tel 20.2.2615.3710

Azza Awwad

Assistant Director, Educational Development and Assessment

 tel 20.2.2615.3732

Caroline Mitry

Sr. Manager, Strategic Initiatives, EDA

 tel 20.2.2615.3736

Dina Abul Magd

Dina Abul Magd

Officer, Educational Development and Assessment

tel 20.2.2615.3721

Fady Michel

Associate Professor of Practice

 tel 20.2.2615.3059

Gihan Osman

Assistant Professor, Instructional Design and Technology

 tel 20.2.2615.3729


Hassan Labib

Video Production and Studio Administrator, Digital Education

tel 20.2.2615. 3726

Maha Bali

Associate Professor of Practice

 tel 20.2.2615.3613


Maha Shawki

Manager, Instructional Multimedia, Digital Education

 tel 20.2.2615.3740


Marwa Helmy

Officer, Educational Development and Assessment

tel 20.2.2615.3718

Mohamed Saleh

Mohamad Saleh

Sr. Officer, Instructional Technology and Multimedia, Digital Ed.

tel 20.2.2615. 3742


Mona Aboulfetouh

Officer, Educational Development and Assessment

tel 20.2.2615. 3720 

Mounira Faried

Senior Administrative Assistant

 tel 20.2.2615.3733


Nadine Aboulmagd

Senior Officer, Instructional Design, Digital Education

 tel 20.2.2615.3794


Paul Desmarais

Manager, Instructional Design, Digital Education

tel 20.2.2615.3618 


Nesma H. Abdelfattah

Senior Co-ordinator, STA Progam

tel 20.2.2615.3728 

Reham Niazi

Senior Officer, Educational Development and Assessment

 tel 20.2.2615.2685

Tarek El Maghrby

Specialist, Multimedia Services

 tel 20.2.2615.3730