Educational Development and Teaching Enhancement

CLT offers a variety of services and programs pertaining to teaching enhancement at AUC, among these are: faculty workshops, campus-wide symposia and fora, faculty development institutes, the bi-weekly newsletter "New Chalk Talk" and pedagogical consultations.


The Center for Learning and Teaching is pleased to launch AUC’s new faculty learning community, The Teaching Advancement Program (TAP). We hope the flexibility and diversity of the offerings will encourage our faculty, both new faculty and experienced, to join in conversations and share experiences with colleagues and peers. Read More.

"New Chalk Talk" is CLT's bi-weekly newsletter with short contributions by faculty and staff members on innovative pedagogies and technologies. Read More.


Each year, CLT holds a symposium in which faculty members from various disciplines across AUC participate. The symposium aims at sharing and showcasing innovative teaching practices at AUC. Read More.


The Teaching Assistants Professional Development Program is designed to prepare Teaching Assistants (TAs) for their role and assigned duties. The program consists of two semesters of mandatory workshops offered on one day at the start of the fall and spring semesters. All TAs are required to attend these workshops. TAs starting in the Fall should complete the workshops in the Spring and will receive a certification of attendance upon completion of both semesters. Read More.

During the academic year 2016/2017, the Center for Learning and Teaching was approached by the Dean of Graduate Studies to develop a professional development program for teaching assistants and graduate students of AUC. Read More.

CLT shares suggested tips on teaching and learning as well as useful resources on how to enhance teaching and utilize technology in the classroom. Read More.