Arabic Placement Sample Exam Instructions

Before you start working on your placement exam, you will be granted access to the sample exam three days prior to the exam date. Taking the sample exam is essential to detect any IT problems that you could face on the exam day. In case any technical problem takes place in the sample exam, contact IT support by opening a ticket at

The sample exam is meant to give your hands-on practice in using the Safe Exam browser and to familiarize you with the type of questions on the actual placement exam. Thus, feel free to answer, and review as much as you can of the sample exam. Note that you have to download the Safe Exam browser in order to take the sample exam or the actual placement exam via Moodle.  

This browser does not operate on Mac, operates only on Windows. Download the Safe Exam Browser Windows version here.

Steps to take the Sample exam

  1. Open Moodle
  2. Navigate to the Arabic Placement Exam. Inside course content you will find the following:
    1. Sample Exam (**Webcam**) - Requires Safe Exam Browser
    2. Sample Exam Submission
  3. Download Safe Exam Browser Windows version
  4. Click on Launch Safe Exam Browser at the end of the page
  5. Enter your username and password then click on Attempt quiz now The test will then start. Once a test has been started with Safe Exam Browser, you cannot exit until the Finish attempt button is clicked
  6. When the exam opens, the following parts are multiple choice questions respectively: Vocabulary and Structure, Reading Comprehension, Listening, and Writing.

When you reach the writing part, you must choose either Yes or No. 

  • No: If you don’t have the Arabic writing skills to answer the writing question. Click on Finish attempt button and then click on Exit the Safe Exam Browser to exit the exam.
  • Yes: If you have the Arabic writing skills to answer the writing part, follow the below instructions:
    • Choose a topic from the list of topics
    • Write the heading of the topic, your name, and AUC ID on a blank paper
    • Handwrite the topic under the title making sure that your posture allows the camera to monitor you as you write
    • Show to the camera your writing upon completion of your writing exam
    • Click on the Finish Attempt button immediately after showing it to the camera following the steps below:
      • Scan your essay or take a clear good quality photo of it using your mobile
      • Click on Exit Safe Exam Browser
      • Click on Back to the course
      • Click on Sample Exam Submission to attach your scanned essay.
      • Make sure to click Submit the assignment

The Actual Exam Sections

Section 1: Vocabulary and Structure (25%)

  • Answer the 50 multiple-choice questions.

Section 2: Reading Comprehension (25%)

  • Answer the multiple-choice questions about the two reading passages.

Section 3: Listening (20%)

  • Listen to the audio text, then answer the multiple-choice questions.

Section 4: Writing an Essay (30%)

You will be given different topics and asked to write an essay, not less than 250 words, on only one of the topics. The essay part should be handwritten. 

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Important Note

The Arabic placement online exam is being successfully transferred to Moodle using the Safe Exam browser. The capacity of each exam is 25 students and the reservation for each exam closes four days prior to the exam date. If you are interested to take the Arabic placement exam, send an email to to reserve a spot in the exam.