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T for Thank You

When Yasmine Motawy approached me and suggested we do a feature to celebrate Sanaa Makhlouf’s 25 years of service, I was excited. But then came the hard part: How do you pay homage to a figure like Sanaa? How do you do her justice? I don’t think we ever can, but I’ll still try.

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Alia Hamad

Faculty Articles

Yasmine Motawy, AUC Senior Instructor, Department of Rhetoric and Composition

“And what of work, Sanaa? The one where Sanaa retires.”


Yasmine Motawy (YM): Sanaa, it is a pleasure to be speaking to you today for Rhetoric Today. You are an exceptional colleague, educator, scholar, advocate for student and faculty rights, and human. You were recognized for your advocacy on behalf of faculty in 2012 when you were named Outstanding Senator.

Ghada Elshimi, AUC Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Academy of Liberal Arts

Teaching for Transfer: Enhancing Teaching of Writing


AUC’s liberal arts curriculum promises to develop in our students habits of the mind that characterize well rounded-individuals, with a breadth of knowledge in various fields that develop transferable skills which enable them to think critically, communicate articulately, and live purposefully. 


Visualizing Transfer Writing Theory, Key Terms (Threshold Concepts), and Reflection: A Reiterative Process

During the last 15 years, research about writing studies has revealed an increased interest in writing transfer, with an emphasis on students' use of prior knowledge to compose new texts.

Michelle Henry

Rhetorical Literacy, Writing for Transfer, and the Possibilities of “ePortfolio as Curriculum”


For decades, Janet Lauer, Andrea Lunsford, and other compositionists (2000) have shown us that students write to know more and to achieve goals within specific contexts, or “worlds” (everyday, public, academic, and work).

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