About Rhetoric Today

Editorial Statement

Rhetoric Today is a peer-reviewed newsletter that publishes a broad spectrum of research to promote “writing as process.”  As an interdisciplinary publication, we seek to engage a sustained dialogue and interactivities among the disciplines.  We invite for submission articles, audio/visuals and images that take a fresh look at writing, research, and pedagogy.  We aim to publish scholarship to serve as a forum for faculty who engage their students in a variety of writing activities.  The newsletter is also concerned with multiple perspectives on writing and will serve as a resource for those interested in writing processes and knowledge of written and oral communication.

Rhetoric Today seeks to publish articles and book reviews about writing from multiple disciplines:

  • Communication Studies
  • Educational Psychology
  • Sociolinguistics and Applied Linguistics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Multimodality and Information and Communication Technology
  • Information Literacy and the Research Process
  • Curriculum Development and Instructional Methodologies
  • The Two Cultures: Science and Technology
  • Workplace Exigencies and Rhetorical Solutions


 We encourage the submission of articles in the following areas of research:

  • Reporting Critical Reading Assessment Strategies
  • Multimodal Literacies.  Blending words, images, and sounds
  • Information Literacy and the Research Process
  • Composition pedagogies in research writing
  • Language and its multiple uses to convey ideas
  • Creative Writing and Student Imagination
  • The Two Cultures: Science and the Humanities
  • Audience

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, Rhetoric Today is intended for all faculty, librarians, curriculum developers and persons who are interested in rhetoric and the writing process.

Frequency and Submission Guidelines

Rhetoric Today will publish two or more issues per semester.  Contributors should follow the format of the MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly PublishingManuscripts should be submitted in soft copy to rhetorictoday@aucegypt.edu and include a cover letter with the author’s name, department, and email address.  Articles should not exceed 2,000 words.  Of primary importance, the article should be of high scholarly quality with a clear and concise style to engage the interests of our readers.