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Arabic Language Intensive Program for Professionals and Diplomats (ALID)

Since its founding, the Arabic Language Intensive Program for Professionals and Diplomats (ALID) has been the premier choice for serious Arabic learners from all over the world, who want to pursue their diplomatic and professional careers. Believing in the importance of the rising generations of diplomats, politicians, ambassadors, and any other professional, (ALID) specifically focuses on preparing learners for their foreign service exams and helps build a strong cultural and Arabic language knowledge foundation, to assist them in encountering any diplomatic or professional career.

Who is it for?

  • The Arabic Language Intensive Program for Professionals and Diplomats (ALID) offers tailored intensive Arabic language courses, meeting diverse needs of professionals and diplomats from all over the world.
  • Non-native Arabic speakers seeking to prepare themselves for their foreign service exams.
  • Learners looking for both a full-time and part-time commitment to learn the Arabic language and experience the Egyptian culture.

What does it offer?

  • An Intensive Arabic program, focusing on the communicative aspect and development of language skills with courses covering Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA), reading and writing, printed and aural media, translation and interpretation, and readings in politics.
  • A full semester program with two study options; full-time option where students study a minimum of 20 contact hours (transferable 12-15 credit hours), and a part-time option where students take a minimum of 5 contact hours per semester to study a chosen course.
  • Accommodates all skill levels with elementary, intermediate, and advanced courses.
  • Incorporates an important cultural dimension; learners explore the culture and use the language through free tours and subsidized weekend trips and language exchange partners.
  • Available in the fall and spring terms

Premium Benefits

  • A unique opportunity to learn Arabic efficiently in a short time
  • Small-size classes (10 - 12 students)
  • Flexible program duration from one semester, up to three years
  • Wide variety of courses
  • Cultural trips and tours
Cultural activities

ALID Faculty

  • Outstanding instructors, most of which have extensive experience in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.
  • ALI instructors who hold an MA in TAFL, with a passion for teaching the Arabic language at all levels of proficiency.
  • Updated with the world’s leading research in the teaching methodology and developing world class teaching materials. 
  • Widely published in Arabic learning resources and textbooks.

Where will you study?

AUC plaza

Cultural and Authentic Experience

A big part of the ALID program focuses on learning through cultural immersion, where students stretch their language skills beyond the classrooms, and gain a better understanding of the Arab world by simply living it. 
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Admission Requirements and Deadlines

To apply, you must complete an online application form and placement test.

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AUC Student Studying

Course Levels and Listings

ALI programs offer courses in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic (ECA) simultaneously catering for different skill levels.

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Tuition and Fees

Students must register for at least 12 credit hours. Students who register for less than 15 credits will be reimbursed the difference during the drop and add week.

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International Students

Visa Requirements

An accepted student must have a valid passport and obtain a tourist visa from the Egyptian government for entry into Egypt.

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Contact Information

Iman Saad Nahla

Director, ALID Program
t: + 20.2.2797.6785


Manar Sergany

Program Assistant

Fatma Ali

Program Specialist
t: +20.2.2615.1726