Shifting to Online Modes of Instruction

March 13, 2020

Dear AUC Community,

President Ricciardone separately has announced several new measures we are taking to ensure that AUC does its part to protect the health of our own community as well as the wider Egyptian public of which we are apart. This message is to explain in greater detail what we will be doing in our academic operations over the next several weeks.

In consultation with the school Deans, we will move spring break forward by four weeks, to run from Sunday, March 15 through Thursday, March 19.  We will use this period to offer further training to faculty to prepare for online instruction. After the end of spring break, we will begin two weeks of online instruction for all classes, starting on Sunday, March 22 until Thursday, April 2. 

During this time frame, faculty will deliver all of their courses online with no face-to-face classes (either on or off-campus). This window will allow us to fully test our online teaching capabilities to help us enhance and strengthen our skills in this area. Not only will this test of our system be useful in combating the current COVID-19 outbreak, but it will also position us to better respond to any future conditions that may necessitate the utilization of online instruction. During this period faculty will conduct all office hours online. Faculty need to coordinate with their Teaching Assistants so they can also deliver their part of the teaching online as well.

Along with these shifts, we also have extended the undergraduate Course Drop Deadline and Withdrawal Deadline until May 7.

Faculty and staff will have full access to campus and their offices. When on campus, everyone is expected to follow safety measures recommended by the AUC medical services office, in accordance with theWorld Health Organization, the US Centers for Disease Control, and the Government of Egypt.

The Center for Learning and Teaching has been conducting training for faculty in online instruction and tools and will intensify the available support before and during the shift to online instruction. In addition, students who require technical assistance should contact the IT Helpdesk at 

I realize that the coming weeks will undoubtedly bring disruption to the spring semester. I am confident, however, in our ability to not only rise to this challenge but to use it as an opportunity to learn and improve. I am thankful for your understanding, your patience, and your cooperation. I also understand your frustrations, but rest assured we are working diligently to address this force majeure.

Please continue to follow emails carefully for more detailed information and preparations for the shift to online instruction. For the latest updates on AUC’s response to COVID-19, visit


Ehab Abdel-Rahman, Provost