Design Management of External Consultants


In the case of approval of assigning a project to be designed by an external consultant due to its size or special nature, being that consultant is local or international, The Campus Planning Office will perform design management duties from inception and data collection to the issue of the complete tender package.


Design management of external consultants, local or international.


1. Preparation of request for proposals, the office will:

  • Prepare a detailed statement of work along with the stakeholders, including key milestones, expected deliverables, and project schedule
  • Guide the procurement office in the selection process of the consultant
  • Performs technical evaluation of the responses for the request for proposal

2. Design management:

Once a design consultant is selected, the office does the following:

  • Review and confirm the design approach following the overall master plan and the AUC unique architectural style and approve all furniture, materials, and colors selection
  • Receive and review submittals in accordance with the contract
  • Manage the contract during the design stage. Unless an external project management company is assigned with the design management, the Campus Planning Office shall manage the external party during the design stage
  • Monitor schedule and key milestones
  • Review and approve consultants submittals
  • Review and approve payments

Responsibilities of Other Parties Within the University

1. The Office of Project Management, Campus Planning Ofice and facilities and operations team shall be responsible for validating and confirming the following:

  • Constructability
  • Budget
  • Complete mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design including heating-ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, fire fighting, plumbing, and audiovisual as applicable

2. The Office of Project Management will respond with comments within a period of a maximum of five working days. Exceptions can be agreed upon based on the workload and size of the package being reviewed

3. Upon acceptance of construction drawings, the Campus Planning Office will hand over the project documents to the projects management office to be issued for tender


Construction documents are issued to contractors through the open tender process by AUC procurement.