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Campus Planning Office


Campus Planning Office is a team of talented architects and other professionals who work closely with The American University in Cairo (AUC) stakeholders to create a vibrant campus and to support AUC's growth by ensuring that the campus has the necessary spaces and amenities to remain purposeful and competitive. The office supports AUC’s mission by providing services that guide and achieve AUC campus strategy and transformation.

The office promotes planning and design excellence for AUC’s campus within its local and global contexts, designing working and learning spaces that serve the entire AUC community addressing current needs as well as future AUC campus expansions.


The Campus Planning Office is responsible for managing and processing AUC community requests that involve the design, modification, and refurbishment of spaces within the existing AUC campus and properties as well as design and planning of new building construction projects. It is also responsible for monitoring the space allocation within the University.


Providing architectural design, design management, and space planning services that address various AUC community stakeholders’ requirements while maintaining AUC’s architectural educational and social legacy within the progressive vision of AUC Next 100 campus plan. We recognize our duty to the bring best design and management practices that are time-controlled, cost-effective, environmentally sustainable, and managerially efficient processes to the AUC projects.


To become the prime AUC resource capable of delivering a diverse body of design solutions catering to the requests and needs across the AUC community.

Services Provided and Processes

Management of Stakeholders Requests for Building Modification

Inhouse Design Preparation and Coordination

Design Management of External Consultants

Overseeing Tender Process

Design Management During Construction

Important Announcements

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Office Location: Campus Development Building

Working Hours: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm