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Mission, Vision and Values

Founded in 1919, The American University in Cairo is a leading English-language, U.S.-accredited institution of higher education. A crossroads for the world’s cultures and a vibrant forum for reasoned argument and spirited debate, AUC is the center of the intellectual, social and cultural life of the Arab world. Its diverse community of students, faculty, alumni, trustees and generous supporters represents more than 60 countries. 

The University offers 39 undergraduate, 52 master’s and two PhD programs rooted in a liberal arts education that encourages students to think critically and find creative solutions to the challenges facing our region and the world. It also offers globally recognized professional, competency-based education in English to meet the needs of the dynamic Egyptian and broader regional economies. 

AUC has the largest English-language academic library collection in Egypt, three modern theaters and 13 cross-disciplinary research centers. The University’s modern, 260-acre New Cairo campus constitutes a visionary investment in the future of Cairo, Egypt and the region — a state-of-the-art facility for advanced research, innovative teaching, lifelong learning and civic engagement. 

Chartered and accredited in the United States and Egypt, AUC is an independent, not-for-profit, equal-opportunity institution. 

AUC is the premier English-language institution of higher learning. The University is committed to teaching and research of the highest caliber, and offers liberal arts and professional education in a cross-cultural environment. AUC builds a culture of leadership, lifelong learning, continuing education and service among its graduates, and is dedicated to making significant contributions to Egypt and the international community in diverse fields. Chartered and accredited in the United States and Egypt, The American University in Cairo is an independent, not-for-profit, equal-opportunity institution. AUC upholds the principles of academic freedom and is dedicated to excellence. The University is committed to maintaining a safe learning and working environment, free from all forms of harassment and discrimination. 

Our vision is to be a world‐class University internationally recognized for its leadership and excellence in teaching, research, creative expression and service. We build on our existing strengths to become the leading University in the Middle East and the destination of choice for students and faculty members from around the world seeking in‐depth cultural exposure, combined with outstanding academic programs, cutting‐edge research, as well as an ethically engaged, diverse community of scholars.

We continually strive to be among the best in all we do: in teaching, research, creative expression, service to our communities and service to each other in our daily interactions.

We seek to treat all individuals with dignity and fairness, and to promote understanding and respect for diversity of perspectives, traditions and experiences.

Social Responsibility
We are committed to exploring the challenges that confront Egypt, the region and the world, and to using our intellectual and creative capabilities to address these challenges, serve our communities, and have a positive and sustainable impact on development, business, the environment and society.

We believe that individuals are accountable for their actions, and, as members of a community, our individual actions have an impact on others. We are stronger as a community when we reflect on the consequences of our decisions and actions. The University upholds the principles of academic integrity, including fairness, accountability and honesty.

Lifelong Learning
We believe that the pursuit of knowledge, understanding, and personal and professional development should continue throughout one’s lifetime.

  • Quality of Education
  • Internationalization
  • AUC Experience
  • Institutional Effectiveness
  • Innovation

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Using AUC’s mission statement as a guide, the University developed a set of key institutional learning outcomes for all undergraduate students. These outcomes, which derive from institutional documents approved through the University’s formal governance structure, are achieved through an array of programs, courses, and other learning experiences. These learning outcomes must be communicated widely across campus.

Through their courses of study, AUC graduates should attain proficiency in:

Professional Skills
AUC graduates will synthesize discipline-based knowledge with a broad-based liberal arts education. They will be proficient in the tools of their discipline as well as the tools of research and learning; make decisions that reflect the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional behavior; and understand the importance of life-long learning.

Advanced Communication Skills
AUC graduates will be fluent in English and will be able to write and speak effectively in a variety of settings. AUC graduates will be able to communicate in Arabic, establish rapport in groups, be adaptable to new circumstances, work both independently and in collaboration with others, and function effectively as leaders.

Critical Thinking
AUC graduates will be independent learners, adept at using current technologies to access information and applying strong quantitative, analytical, and critical thinking skills to analyze and synthesize complex information to solve problems.

Cultural Competence
AUC graduates will have an understanding and appreciation of Egyptian and Arab culture and heritage, as well as an understanding of international interdependence, cultural diversity, and consideration for values and traditions that may differ from their own. In addition, AUC graduates will have an aesthetic awareness of the various modes of human artistic expression and will be able to collaborate effectively in a multicultural context.

Effective Citizenship
AUC graduates value service to their local community and to broader causes at the national and international level.