Office of the Provost

The Provost, and the supporting offices under his leadership, is responsible for academic and faculty related matters. Non-academic student matters fall under the jurisdiction of the Vice President for Student Life. 

Members of the Office of the Provost are responsible for a number of administrative functions including, but not limited to, managing academic support grants; overseeing the faculty merit awards; maintaining the University's catalog and faculty profiles; managing the E.Repertoire system; working with the provost and schools on faculty issues such as hiring, reviews, leaves, and promotion and tenure; managing academic space; administration of the Distinguished Visiting Professors (DVPs), Distinguished Visiting Researchers (DVRs), Scholars without Stipend (SwS) programs; overseeing the Office of Community Standards and organizing the commencement.


Ehab Abdel RahamanEhab Abdel-Rahman, Provost

Phone: 2580

Abdel-Rahman assumed his position as provost at The American University in Cairo in June 2017. He holds the rank of full professor within the Department of Physics at AUC and has over 25 years of experience in higher education, six of which have been spent as a senior administrator. His responsibilities as provost include shaping and implementing AUC’s academic vision and building the size and quality of the faculty.


Alaa Eldin IdrisAlaa-Eldin Adris, Associate Provost for Research, Innovation and Creativity

Phone: 2184

Adris is responsible for the leadership, management, and administration of research at AUC, and is instrumental in promoting, formalizing and embedding creativity and successful innovation throughout the university. Adris reports to the provost and holds a primary responsibility for planning, developing and implementing all administrative initiatives in research, creativity, and innovation in support of AUC's vision, mission and strategic direction. In addition, he plays a key role in promoting AUC research and innovation nationally, regionally and internationally, and acts as an AUC liaison with external entities on matters that relate to its interest in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


Aziza EllozyAziza Ellozy, Associate Provost for Transformative Learning and Teaching

Phone: 3737

As the associate provost for transformative learning and teaching (AP-TLT), Ellozy provides administrative leadership in elevating institutional attention to undergraduate and graduate education and signaling its importance as a strategic priority of the university. Reporting directly to the provost, the AP-TLT encourages and facilitates innovations in pedagogy, and provides leadership for the integration of learning technologies into course design and for enhancing teaching effectiveness in blended and online learning modalities. The AP-TLT provides oversight over the Center for Learning and Teaching which includes, but is not limited to, fostering excellence in areas of faculty professional development.


John SwansonJohn Swanson, Special Advisor to the Provost

Phone: 2198

Swanson is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness of AUC’s academic programs through quality assessment and review processes. He is also responsible for conducting rigorous student and faculty climate surveys and serves as a resource to further develop a climate of meaningful self-evaluation, assessment and continuous improvement across the academic mission. He reviews evaluate and make recommendations to the provost concerning the assessment of all categories of faculty and academic officers. Swanson also oversees the special projects and initiatives assigned to him by the provost.


Ahmed TolbaAhmed Tolba, Associate Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM)

Phone: 2197

Tolba is the associate provost for strategic enrollment management (SEM). He is responsible for five offices: Enrollment, Admissions, and Student Service Center, Office of the Registrar, Career Center, International Programs Office and the Office of Strategic Academic Services. SEM at AUC aims to recruit a diverse group of future leaders, and support their journey from enrollment to graduation and beyond through a student-centered approach that maximizes their retention and success, and effectively prepares them for career development and advancement.


Ingy AbbasInjy Abbas, Senior Officer, Faculty Affairs 

Phone: 2241

Abbas works closely with the assistant provost for faculty affairs, providing administrative support. She deals directly with all schools, departments, deans offices and faculty members, answering their inquiries and helping them navigate any problems they may have.


MennaMenna Arafa, Senior Administrative Affairs Assistant

Phone: 2187

Arafa reports directly to the provost, providing administrative support on all matters. She helps manage the daily activities of the provost and keeps him well informed of upcoming commitments and responsibilities. In addition, she manages a variety of special projects for the provost.


WasfahanWasfahan Ezzat, Administrative Assistant for the Office of Community Standards

Phone: 2696

Ezzat assists with the daily operations of the Office of Community Standards.

MarwaMarwa Gaafar, Case Manager for the Office of Community Standards

Phone: 2658

Gaafar's main responsibility is overseeing student academic integrity cases from the time they are reported until closure. In this capacity, she works closely with faculty and students to ensure compliance with AUC's code of academic ethics. 


CarolineCaroline Nasr, Specialist, Academic Affairs

Phone: 2016

Nasr provides assistance with all administrative tasks related to academic and faculty affairs, working closely with the assistant provost for faculty affairs and the administrative and faculty affairs officer. She also serves as a point of contact for calls and visitors to the Office of the Provost.


KathleenKathleen O’Neill, Director, Academic Affairs Projects

Phone: 2675

In addition to overseeing the Academic Integrity Office, and her work with academic integrity, O'Neill's current portfolio includes many other tasks, including organizing commencement, managing academic space, and assisting the provost on projects and tasks as requested. 


ShereenShereen El Orabi, Senior Specialist, Academic Publication

Phone: 2274

El Orabi is responsible for implementing changes to the AUC catalog each year and produces the annual PDF version. In addition, she collects data from all faculty to update their profiles online. El Orabi works within a team to organize major research events on campus as well as other workshops requested by the provost and associate provost. She also manages the production of the online Faculty Publications Booklet.


Dalhila SaadDahlia Saad, Director of Academic and Research Data

Phone: 2201

Saad oversees the production and maintenance of the University Catalog and the faculty database in the E.Repertoire system. She leads on several projects and initiatives related to the assessment and promotion of the university's research output, such as the Research and Creativity Convention. She is also responsible for producing analytical reports on AUC's faculty research output and areas of strength.


MaryMary Shoukry, Senior Manager, Faculty Support Internal Grants and Awards

Phone: 1560

Shoukry works with the associate provost for research, innovation, and creativity in promoting and enhancing research, innovation, creativity, and teaching at AUC. She also manages all related programs; including faculty support grants, distinguished visiting professors (DVPs) and distinguished visiting researchers (DVRs).


Yvette Isaac, Assistant Provost for Faculty Affairs

Phone: 2185

Isaac assists the provost in matters related to faculty affairs such as hiring, reviews, leaves and promotion, and tenure. Her responsibilities also include preparing reports when requested, advising the provost on staff issues in the academic area and providing advice and support for academic affairs departments/units.


Nada Zaki, Officer, Academic Affairs Planning and Finance  

Phone: 2183

Zaki works closely with the director, academic affairs planning and finance, handles the daily budget and financial transactions, procurement of equipment in the Office of the Provost.