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Tobacco-Free Community

At the start of the Spring 2018 semester, AUC began a process that will transform both of our campuses, Tahrir and New Cairo, into a completely smoke-free and tobacco-free environment by the start of our centennial celebration in February 2019. 

Under the direction of Former President Francis Ricciardone, the committee for a Tobacco-Free AUC has been working diligently to develop this campaign and plan for the changes to come. This diverse committee includes students, faculty, and staff and represents all major stakeholders on campus. The committee includes non-smokers, people who have quit smoking, and several members who are currently smokers. We aim to make this tobacco-free transition as smooth and fair as possible.

Full policy in English

Full Policy in Arabic

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As of August 25, 2018, smoking is only be permitted inside designated smoking areas of the parking lot.



Campuses can be stressful environments. Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff ... stress affects us all. The next time you find yourself stressed out -- take a break and try on.

All money received from policy violations goes to financial support



Welcome to the online hub of the student-created #Consider campaign at AUC.