At the start of the Spring 2018 semester, AUC began a process that will transform both of our campuses, Tahrir and New Cairo, into a completely smoke-free and tobacco-free environment by the start of our centennial celebration in February 2019. Under the direction of Former President Francis Ricciardone, the committee for a Tobacco-Free AUC has been working diligently to develop this campaign and plan for the changes to come. This diverse committee includes students, faculty, and staff and represents all major stakeholders on campus. The committee includes non-smokers, people who have quit smoking, and several members who are currently smokers. We aim to make this tobacco-free transition as smooth and fair as possible.

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Phase 2 - As of August 25, 2018


As of August 25, 2018, smoking is only be permitted inside designated smoking areas of the parking lot.


Campuses can be stressful environments. Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff ... stress affects us all. The next time you find yourself stressed out -- take a break and try on.

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All money received from policy violations goes to support financial aid

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Tobacco-Free AUC Initiative Launches

The days of “preferred” smoking areas around AUC’s campus are coming to to an end. In a letter sent to the AUC community this week, the Tobacco-Free AUC Committee -- made up of student, faculty and administrative representatives -- announced an update on the use of tobacco products and vapes on campus.

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Smoking: Causes, Tips to Quit

“Campus bans are effective but they are challenging,” said Carie Forden, professor of psychology and community psychologist, about AUC’s recent Tobacco-Free Campus Policy.In 2015, Forden and Amy Carrillo published the findings of a survey taken at AUC on smoking policies. Essentially, the purpose of the survey was to explore “how students, faculty and staff felt about smoking behavior, their knowledge of smoking harm and knowledge of and attitudes toward a University smoking policy in order to design more effective prevention and cessation strategies.”

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Smoking Cessation Clinic Helps AUCians Break Smoking Habits

Quitting smoking can be incredibly difficult for most individuals, particularly if you don’t have the resources or community to support you in shaking the habit.

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AUC Tobacco Use Survey Report Spring 18

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