University Research Board

The University Research Board (URB) encourages and supports quality research, innovation and creative endeavors across all disciplines in AUC. The URB promotes basic and applied research, inter and multidisciplinary research and production of scholarly and creative works. URB provides an enabling and regulatory environment that ensures that the AUC mission is met. In setting the proper ecosystem, URB focuses on research excellence and the advancement of knowledge. URB ensures that guidelines and policies are developed to ensure adherence to high standards of research ethics, integrity and conduct.

The URB provides oversight, guidance, regulation and evaluation of research, innovative and creative activities at the University. URB responsibilities include the following:

  • Develop and review policies, establish guidelines and set forth regulations on matters relating to research
  • Advise the provost through the associate provost for research, innovation and creativity (URB chair) on the implementation of policies pertaining to research funding
  • Arbitrate and recommend action to the provost on any disputes or differences on intellectual property issues related to proposals, deliverables, publications or other research products
  • Advise the provost and the associate provost for research, innovation and creativity on guidelines concerning copyrights, research ethics, integrity and conduct
  • Review faculty support grants (as detailed in the faculty support grants guidelines)
  • Provide feedback, advice and forward-looking ideas, on AUC’s annual research productivity and intellectual output report
  • Report issues and challenges in their respective schools to be addressed at the URB
  • Disseminate policies and decisions of the URB to faculty at their respective schools through school councils

The University Research Board is a standing committee charged by the provost with the responsibility of creating an atmosphere for the encouragement of research. 

Adham Ramadan - Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies (Chair)
Matthew Hendershot - Academy of Liberal Arts
Hani Henry - School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Samer Atallah - School of Business
Karim Seddik  - School of Sciences and Engineering
Naila Hamdy - School of Global Affairs and Public Policy
Dina Adly - Office of Sponsored Programs (non-voting)
Susanne Rizzo - Undergraduate Research (non-voting)
Ahmed Ellaithy -  Technology Transfer Office (non-voting)
Dina Elhennawy - Board Secretary