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About SRC

The Social Research Center (SRC) was established in 1953. Over the last five decades, the SRC has been committed to carrying out multidisciplinary research on a broad range of subjects, engaging in capacity building of students and researchers in Egypt and the region, and striving to reach its aims and goals.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the SRC is to conduct and encourage multidisciplinary social science research in Egypt and the Arab region. This mission is fulfilled through the center’s two main activities, namely conducting research and building capacities. The center is engaged in a variety of research projects at both the national and regional levels, and has a distinct reputation for carrying out high-quality field studies and in-depth analytical research. It has also excelled in the area of building social research capacities for students, scholars and organizations engaged in social science research in the region.

Capacity For Research Support

SRC’s success in raising funds and its flexible appointment policies allow it to recruit the best intellectuals in
Egypt and to provide them with adequate resources and support. Thus, SRC has become a center of open borders, and has developed into a hub of excellence.

The research faculty positions are either full or part time, and each faculty member serves on one or more research projects. In addition to the principal investigators, the center has a number of full-time professional research support staff members. These are specialists in the management of field research activities, computer specialists, accountants and administrative staff.

What We Do To Achieve Our Goals

All our research initiatives have always reflected national and regional concerns, and have demonstrated SRCs continuing contribution to the formulation of public policies and informed public debate. As social research has expanded in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab Region, the Social Research Center has sought to consolidate its position as a leading focal point of development and policy related research by broadening the scope of its own research and strengthening its relations with other research centers in the region.