What We Do to Achieve Our Goals


In the early years of its existence, research projects carried out by the Center included Ethnographic Studies of the Resettlement of the Nubians displaced by the High Dam of Aswan, Resettlement in the Delta region, Agricultural Labor and Cooperation and Family Planning programs. A complete list of all projects can be found in our projects page.

All our research initiatives have always reflected national and regional concerns, and have demonstrated SRCs continuing contribution to the formulation of public policies and informed public debate. As social research has expanded in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab Region, the Social Research Center has sought to consolidate its position as a leading focal point of development and policy-related research by broadening the scope of its own research and strengthening its relations with other research centers in the region.


During the last decade, research on health, gender, poverty, agriculture, finance and education has been carried out. Our researchers are free to choose themes that fall within their specific sphere of interest within the broad scope of scientifically relevant issues related to the work of the center. Some of these themes have received attention and emphasis during a long period and projects in such fields have attracted attention from researchers and grantors alike. Among the thematic themes that recently have received special emphasis of the research carried out by the Social Research Center are the following five carefully chosen programmatic directions.

a. Gender and women empowerment (regional)

b. Health inequities and their policy implications (regional)

c. Poverty and social policies (Egypt)

d. Investment climate assessment (ICA) (Egypt)

e. Agriculture and rural development


The most important thing to note here is that SRC's high-quality research is relevant and responsive to development needs, and gets translated into policies and actions. This has allowed SRC to build a distinguished reputation within the scholarly and action communities in both Egypt and the Arab region.

For more details about our research themes, please visit our Research page

SRC offers many training workshops with a focus on research and analytical skills in social sciences and addressing issues of human development and health improvement strategies. One of these, the workshop on “Social Science Research Methods” is the only training of its kind in the region addressing development concerns in the Arab region as well as building researchers' capacities in the area of quantitative, qualitative and evaluation research. It is famous for its teaching techniques and approach putting special attention on practical applications and hands-on experiences.

SRC contributes notably to capacity building not only by conducting the above-mentioned training courses, but also by engaging student and graduate student research assistants, who get practical and substantive research training by working on research projects under the supervision of one or more of SRC’s research faculty.