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The Social Research Center (SRC) was established in 1953. Over the last five decades, the SRC has been committed to carrying out multidisciplinary research on a broad range of subjects, engaging in capacity building of students and researchers in Egypt and the region, and striving to reach its aims and goals.

The mission of the SRC is to conduct and encourage multidisciplinary social science research in Egypt and the Arab region. The center is engaged in a variety of research projects at both the national and regional levels, and has a distinct reputation for carrying out high-quality field studies and in-depth analytical research. It has also excelled in the area of building social research capacities for students, scholars and organizations engaged in social science research in the region.

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Research Thematic Directions

Researchers of the Center are free to choose research themes which fall within their specific sphere of interest, so long as they adhere to the broad scope of scientifically relevant issues related to the work of the Center. In particular, five thematic directions have received increased emphasis and focus, allowing SRC to become a leading research center in the following program areas.
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Gender and Women's Empowerment

The overall purpose of this research is to support effective policies in Arab countries to realize gender equity and to extend social citizenship, voice, rights and opportunities to women with a particular emphasis on the synergistic relation between gender inequities and poverty. The gender gap persists in most Arab countries and is a major factor in their low human development indices. SRC has made operational its significant experience and extensive regional network of scholars, activists and gender specialists.

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Agriculture and Rural Development

For almost two decades, this area has had a strong and continuous record of work. This theme has attracted funding and SRC has been carrying out projects, even at times when this issue receded as a research and policy priority. SRC’s sustained contributions in this area are being particularly appreciated now with the renewed interest in agriculture in Egypt, the region and worldwide as a result of the food crisis.

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Investment Climate Assessment (Egypt)

The ICA studies are a component of SRC work in the area of contribution to economic development. The objective is to support the Ministry of Investment in designing its priority reforms and to provide quantitative measurements of the nature of challenges and hence allowing reform recommendations. 

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Health Inequities

SRC is actively pursuing a program of policy research and outreach for social justice and health equity in Arab countries (PR04HE/Arab). PRO4E is needed to support the adoption and successful implementation of governance and policy reforms seeking to address serious challenges on the social justice and health equity fronts that are undermining the wellbeing of social groups and the cohesion and sustainability of the society. 

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Poverty and Social Policies

The overall purpose of this thematic theme is to advocate for social policy reforms emphasizing alleviation of poverty, and to engage in such reforms through supporting policy designs and programs’ implementations. SRC poverty-related work can be described in two types of activities. One is in collaboration with government units and lead actors.  The second covers other types of research efforts

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Population and Development

Population challenges and The ICPD agenda for development bring to the table the need for a new vision that is anchored on human rights, informed free choices, and gender empowerment.  Such a vision is captured in the centrality and the new definition and approach in pursuing reproductive health equity.

health equity

Health Equity and Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab Region

A publicly accessible and interactive space that brings together a wide network of researchers, actors and stakeholders pursuing and supporting the Arab region to achieve equity in health and wellbeing, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

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Group of attendees of Red Crescent Event with Linkage

Bartlett Linkage Initiative

The Bartlett Linkage Initiative was initiated to create an inclusive policy platform where gender policies can be explained, discussed, and debated on a wide scale within different media. The aim of the Initiative is to engage in a dialogue with diverse stakeholders within and outside of the university on how sustainable, intersectional, and adaptive platforms can be achieved.

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Mental Health Initiative

AUC Launches Initiative to Support Community Mental Health, End Stigma

On Sunday, AUC launched its Mental Health and Well-being Initiative with a community workshop aimed at opening a discussion and offering a platform for participants to share their experiences and ideas for improving mental health on and off-campus.

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Scholarships Opportunities

October 14, 2021

New scholarship opportunities are available for capacity building for Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity in The Eastern Mediterranean Region.

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New Grants at SRC

October 1, 2021

Social Research Center has received and is currently serving a number of new grants:

  • Equity/SDH in Health Information Systems to inform Policies and Guide Reproductive Health Programs
  • Trans regional research on the changing nature of precarious work in Africa and the Arab region
  • Operationalizing Gender Policies for Impact
  • Supporting Regional Efforts to Enhance Ageing Issues

SDGs Platform Second Phase

June 1, 2021

Social Research Center has launched and is currently administering the second phase of the learning platform for UN's Sustainable Development Goals.



Data Sets

The SRC has made the data files of its surveys available for use (for legitimate academic research) at no cost with the condition that the SRC receives an abstract or a detailed description of any project for which this data will be used.

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Nubian Study

The Story of the Nubian Ethnological Survey 1961–1964 Edited by Nicholas Hopkins Sohair Mehanna

Nubian Encounters

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