auc rcc 2022

Liberal Arts Symposium

Call for Papers

The 8th Annual Liberal Arts Symposium

March 29, 2022 – Location: TBD

9:00 am – 5:30 pm

Re-envisioning the Comprehensive Reading Classroom

Different Courses – Same Concepts

Across The American University in Cairo (AUC), faculty often share their concerns about our students’ engagement with reading comprehension. Reading is a foundational skill for academic, personal and career success. In this call for papers the Academy of Liberal Arts (ALA) invites proposals that can examine: 

  • How are faculty helping students use reading comprehension skills in courses beyond first-year writing?
  • What challenges are faculty facing to enact classroom practices that effectively link reading comprehension and writing?
  • How are faculty implementing theories about reading comprehension with principles of use in the classroom?
  • What factors influence faculty to use reading comprehension strategies to promote learning from discipline-specific texts?
  • What types of research are being conducted that reveal how critical reading is used within a community of practice?
  • What critical reading practices are faculty using that have proven most effective?

These and other questions can allow the AUC community to share their concerns, practices and ideas to work towards building a community of comprehensive and critical readers, which are central practices and learning outcomes in higher education.

Proposal Criteria

 Questions and Rationale

  • Important question(s) related to critical and comprehensive reading (Symposium theme) are posed

  • An understanding of the issues and/or existing scholarship in the specific area of critical and comprehensive reading is demonstrated.

Theory, Methods, Framework, and Models

  • The theories, methods, frameworks, and models being used are explained and justified

Outcomes and Insights

  • Evidence and/or findings are reported

  • A description of how the work contributes to the understanding or practice of critical and comprehensive reading in practice is provided

 Reflective Critique

  •  A critical and reflective evaluation of the work is offered

 Audience Engagement

  • Planned opportunities for active audience engagement in the session are described

  • Opportunities for audience participation in the discussion are included

  • Effective pedagogical practices are demonstrated

Submit your proposal via email by February 10, 2022.