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Research and Creativity Convention

AUC Research and Creativity Convention is a collective event that brings together diverse research, design, entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity activities that have demonstrated growth and success over the years. It aims to enhance knowledge-sharing, interdisciplinary research collaboration, and projects of community or economic value. It is an event that highlights AUC’s strategic priorities, strengthens research capacity, invigorates campus creativity, and explores critical regional and global issues.

AUC faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate, showcase and share original research and creativity outcomes in the sciences, humanities, social sciences, business, and the arts. They demonstrate the breadth and depth of the institution’s research mission. The AUC Research and Creativity Convention is a celebration of excellence in university research, entrepreneurship, and creative achievement.

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EURECA Conference

The conference for Excellence in Undergraduate Research, Entrepreneurship, and Creative Achievement (EURECA) includes presentations from the following activities: Research Excellence across the Disciplines, First-Year Research Experience (FYRE), ELI Explorers, Creatopia, Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Expo, Architectural Design Showcase, and Undergraduate Poster Session.


Science Slam

The Science Slam invites young researchers to show their innovative ideas in a creative and concise presentation to a non-specialized audience.


Graduate Poster Competition

Graduate E-Poster Competition

This activity invites graduate students to present their research using digital posters. The research idea should be complete and self-explanatory so that a viewer would understand the poster, even in the absence of a presenter. This year, contestants are challenged to showcase their research online in a visually appealing display accompanied by a voiceover for broadcast.


Science Slam

The Science Slam invites young researchers to show their innovative ideas in a creative and concise presentation to a non-specialized audience.



Reimagining Liberal Arts Education in a Post-pandemic World

The Liberal Arts Symposium brings together the scholarship of all faculty who have a vested interest in incorporating Liberal Arts ideals into their teaching, whether they teach in the Liberal Arts or not.

Faculty Pitch

Faculty Research Pitch

Present your research in a three-minute pitch, and compete before a panel of judges and an audience for competition awards.

Futurize Your Course

Journey to Futurize Your Course

The world is changing rapidly. If you are interested in reimagining what your course might look like in 20 years, then we invite you to join with others at AUC and participate in the RCC 2021: Journey to Futurize Your Course pitch competition.


Grant Award

Grant Award for the Disciplines

This award is a recognition of an academic department or program that advances undergraduate students’ original research and creative work.


Design Thinking Teaser

Virtual Design Thinking Sprint

This virtual, yet hands-on design thinking sprint, is designed to introduce you to this creative approach to problem-solving, where you will learn the tools, mindsets, and frameworks of design thinking.