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How Can We Create Safe, Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces?

Reem Abouemera
May 26, 2021

This week's SpeakUp Dialog Series invited guests to discuss how to make the workplace a more inclusive environment.

Sherif Kamel

Dean, AUC School of Business

"Safe, inclusive and diverse workplaces is a very important topic because it doesn’t only affect one person but it affects all of us, everywhere – whether it’s a bank, organization, or university and it needs community awareness and specific mechanisms to confront it."

Passant Fouad ’03, ’10

Director of External Communication, Juhayna Food Industries; Co-Chair, AmCham Women in Business Committee

"Last August, the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies published a report indicating that the representation of women in the workplace is 24%, even though they represent 50% of the society, demographically speaking. The question is why? And that was before COVID-19."

Gielan Elmessiri ’97, ’16

Deputy Country Representative, UN Women Egypt

"Diversity goes beyond the numbers. Of course, it’s important to have a percentage of women of different races but it’s also important to focus on diversity in opinions and perspectives and not just numbers and demographics."

Ashraf Bakry

Managing Director, Unilever Mashreq; Co-Chair, AmCham Trade and Industry Committee

"When there’s an enabling work environment, we see performance from girls and women that is no less, if not exceeding, the abilities of men. The problem is that we didn’t try this culturally – we’re always convinced that men will lead, but when there’s an enabling environment and laws are there and we give women an opportunity, we find and we see miracles happening."

Dina Abdel Fattah

Editor-in-Chief, Amwal Al Ghad; TV and Radio Host; Founder and Chair, Top 50 Women Forum

"Most women work informally because there is no fairness or justice in role distribution. Most women work from home, domestic work, and most women try to find the easiest way to gain money and to have a work opportunity. She does this under very fierce family and psychological pressure and this isn’t only in Egypt but in most developing countries."

Marie Louis Bishara

Vice Chair, Bishara Group

"I believe that the current time, the current era is very important and very decisive for Egyptian women."