Work Permit and Residency

The Business Support Office welcomes you all to AUC.

The following are the steps to obtain a work permit and residency in Egypt.

  1. You need to fill out a work permit data form here.
  2. Send a scanned copy of your passport and last education certificate to
  3. Business Support Office sends all the above documents to the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Manpower to secure governmental approvals. This process takes from three to six months.
  4. Until the approvals are received and to make your stay legal in Egypt, faculty members will take the HIV test and the Business Support Office will issue a temporary work permit and residency that will be valid for six months and can be renewed for another six months in case there’s a delay in governmental approvals.
  5. After arrival in Egypt, we will need the applicant to stay in Egypt at least for a month as our staff will need to work for the application with the original passport.
  6. During this time, the Business Support Office will receive approvals and will issue the work permit and residency that ends in September every year. It will be renewed yearly at the same time.
  7. As per the new regulations at the Ministry of Manpower, we've been instructed that AUC is no longer totally exempted from the recruitment laws' fees for new faculty, staff and Scholars without Stipend (SwS) work permit applications. For members who are already in Egypt, the new fees will be applicable, but for outsider applicants who haven't arrived yet to Egypt, the Business Support Office will request to exempt them in hope of getting approvals by the ministry at least two months before their arrival date to Egypt.
  8. Previously, the cost for the first-year work permit used to be EGP 5200 as governmental fees for the new work permit for all non-Egyptians. The fees have increased to include EGP 15000 as recruitment governmental fees, in addition to the first-year fee of EGP 5200. This in addition to the HIV test at a cost of EGP 285, and the residency visa renewal fees of EGP 1940 as well.
  9. That's why the Business Support Office requests to have all documentation for any new SWS early enough to send them for the exemption request beforehand to the Ministry of Manpower in hope of exempting them.
  10. Since SWS and fellows do pay on their own in person, this amount may be difficult for them to pay. So, we kindly need your assistance in sending all documents at least two-three months before their arrival to start their governmental paperwork.
  11. Faculty members will receive the HIV test scheduled in July and August. The Business Support Office will update faculty members with a confirmed schedule beforehand. They have to choose their appointment to have the HIV test at the AUC clinic. The Ministry of Health laboratory staff will be there to do the test for them.
  12. In this case, members are kindly requested to confirm the suitable time for them, bearing in mind that they need to go early in the morning (9 am). The Business Support Office will arrange for one of their staff, who will be there at the AUC clinic while the HIV tests are done, and after the work permit is issued, to accompany the faculty members to renew their residency at the immigration authorities.
  13. As the faculty member submits his/her original passport for the HIV test, he/she will need to stay in Egypt until the work permit process is finalized.
  14. If you need any further assistance, send an e-mail to