Fall 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the mode of instruction be in Fall 2021?

    The University is planning a full return to campus in Fall 2021. Undergraduate and graduate courses will be taught face-to-face.

  • What measures is AUC taking to ensure that the classrooms are safe?

    AUC is following CDC guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting and ventilation. In addition, social distancing of 1.5 meters and mask wearing are required in all AUC classrooms.

    Since some members of the community may be granted medical exemptions, this means that there may be some unvaccinated students in my classes. What precautions will be in place to ensure our safety?

    The University is maintaining safely protocols in all classrooms including social distancing, masks, and routine disinfection.

    Will mask-wearing regulations be relaxed for those who are fully vaccinated? 

    In classrooms and large group settings, masks are required as a precautionary safety measure. In accordance with guidance from the CDC, people who are fully vaccinated may choose to remove their masks in individual offices, outdoor meetings, or small groups of fully vaccinated individuals. However, some fully vaccinated individuals  may choose to continue to mask, depending on their comfort level and they are welcome to do so. We will be carefully monitoring the AUC COVID-19 Dashboard and conducting weekly voluntary antibody testing, which will give the University real-time data on our campus community. Should there be alarming increases in rates of infections, we will adjust regulations accordingly. 


  • I am registered with MOH but still haven't received the SMS yet for the first dose, what should I do to get access to campus in the Fall?

    If you have registered for the first dose on the MOH registration site and didn't receive the SMS yet, you can register on the AUC registration link if you wish to join round two of AUC-facilitated vaccinations.

    I have registered with Egypt's Ministry of Health vaccine website and signed up for round two of AUC-facilitated vaccinations, but have not received confirmation or information regarding dates or location, will I be able to access campus for the Fall 2021 semester?

    The University is waiting for the confirmation of the dates from the Ministry of Health for the second round of vaccinations. You should be able to receive your vaccine once that is announced and you receive a confirmation SMS from the ministry. We expect all those who register for the second round of AUC-facilitated vaccinations to have received their first dose prior to the start of the Fall 2021 semester. Those who have uploaded the proof of their first shot will be granted access to campus while awaiting their second shot. 

    Who are the dependents eligible for round two of the AUC-facilitated vaccination process?

    Spouses, children 18+ years old, and parents are eligible dependents.

    What document(s) is needed as proof of vaccination?

    Vaccination certificate from the vaccination center is needed.

    How can I submit my proof of vaccination or medical exemption?

    AUC's online form for submitting your vaccination status or medical exemption can be accessed here.  Before accessing the form, we ask you to read through the following points carefully:

    • This online form is for AUC students, staff and faculty (including TAs and RAs)  with a valid AUC email address only. 
    • Staff members who may require assistance will be able to bring their vaccination certificate for assistance in uploading it to the form at the Library Plaza P107 Lab from 10am to 1pm on Sundays and Tuesdays.
    • All students, faculty or staff who have completed either one or both doses of the vaccine must log onto the form to upload a copy of their vaccine certificate. Upon review, you will be notified of your status regarding access to campus for Fall 2021. Allow up to six business days to receive a confirmation email. 
    • All students, faculty or staff who have a medical exemption from your doctor must log onto the form to upload a note from their doctor stating that they have a medical exemption from taking the vaccine. Upon review, you will be notified of your status regarding access to campus in Fall 2021. Allow up to six business days to receive a confirmation email.
    • All current or incoming students who are below 18 years of age need to do nothing. You will automatically be granted access to the campus. 
    • If you have registered for the vaccine, but have not yet received the first dose, please do not log onto the form and do not submit anything at this time. Once you have received your first dose, you should then log on and submit your vaccination certificate at that point. 

    What are my options if I choose not to take the vaccine?

    The University is requesting that anyone who will access the campus in the Fall should be vaccinated, unless they have a medical exemption. Classes will be delivered face-to-face.  Everyone has the right to choose whether they will be vaccinated or not. The University is not in a position to advise people on the choices they should make, or on what alternatives they may wish to pursue.

    What if I have a health condition that prohibits me from taking the vaccine?

    The University has an online form, where members of the community can upload their vaccination proof or upload a medical exemption from your doctor.

    What kind of medical papers/proof requested for the vaccine exemption?

    Any medical certificate from a certified physician that indicates a medical reason for not having the vaccine. 

    I am not yet 18 years old, and so I’m not able to take the vaccine in Egypt. What can I do?

    The University has an online form, where members of the community can upload their vaccination proof or upload a medical exemption from your doctor.  Students below the age of 18 who sign into the tool will be granted an automatic exemption and will be able to access the campus in the Fall. Once students reach 18, however, they are expected to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

    I recently had COVID-19 and so I’m not able to take the vaccine for another few months. What can I do?

    The University has an online formwhere members of the community can upload their vaccination proof or upload a medical exemption from your doctor.

    What if I was not yet able to get my second dose before the start of Fall 2021? Will I still be permitted to access campus after one dose? 

    Yes. Depending on the vaccine you receive, the second dose may be either three weeks or three months later. We expect the majority of the members of the community to have received both shots by September, but will allow those who have received the first dose to access campus. We expect all members of the community to receive their second dose as soon as they are eligible.

    Which vaccines are approved/recommended by the WHO?

    There are several vaccines approved/recommended by the WHO, for the full list, click here

  • Will there be options for flexible and remote work going forward? What is the AUC policy on that starting Fall 2021?

    AUC’s remote work policy that was in place prior to the pandemic will be in effect once again with remote work options for staff who are eligible with supervisor and area head approval. The Office of Human Resources is currently reviewing the policy over the summer and will be announcing any updates shortly.

  • What happens if I register for Fall 2021 classes but I am not eligible to access campus?

    Your registration does not guarantee your access to AUC campus. Access to campus is based on your vaccination status as submitted on the vaccination status online form.

    The University reserves the right to drop students from registered courses and refund any payments made if access to campus is not granted or revoked due to their vaccination status. 

    Will all vendors and service providers on campus including bus drivers, food outlet workers, cleaning personnel, daycare staff and others be required to be vaccinated?

    The University is working over the summer with our vendors, suppliers and the CIB staff  to ensure that individuals who regularly work on our campus are vaccinated as well.