How do I order business cards?

Business cards are now ordered completely online using the Business Card and Letterhead Request Form. The business card is created automatically, based on the number of choices you will be given. You will also have the opportunity to preview and approve your card before you submit it online to the appropriate office that will authorize its issuance. All faculty and staff business cards are approved by the Office of the Provost and the Office of Human Resources, respectively.

Once the business card is approved/updated, you will receive an email letting you know that your card has been approved, prompting you to send a Job Order Form to the print shop so that it may proceed with printing. If your card is not approved one week from submission, check with Nada Zaki at nzaki@auegypt.edu at the provost’s office if you are a faculty member or check with Shams Nour at shams_n@aucegypt.edu at the office of human resources if you are a staff member. Printed cards will be available for pickup at the print shop. If you face any technical problems with the Business Card and Letterhead Request Form, send an email to publications@aucegypt.edu.

I’ve placed an order online, but where is my business card?

If you are a faculty member and have submitted a card, check with the provost’s office. If you are a staff member, check with office of human resources to ensure your card has been approved. If it has been approved, you must send a Job Order Form to the print shop to ensure your card can be charged to the appropriate office or department budget. The print shop will not print your business card without receiving a Job Order Form. To follow up on the printing of your card, contact the AUC print shop.

I want to fit more than three titles on my business card. Who should I contact?

Due to space limitations, the automated business card system has a character limit for each line. There are however several combinations of titles that are available through the system. The title you choose will be approved by either the provost’s office or office of human resources before the card is printed.


What are AUC’s approved fonts and colors?

Our Branding and Visual Identity Manual can be viewed here.

Can I get the AUC fonts and colors on a CD?

Yes. send an email to publications@aucegypt.edu and we will prepare a CD for you and send it to you through inter-office mail.


How can I make a printed publication for my office, program or department?

The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs provides free design and editorial services for all official, promotional University publications issued on behalf of an office or department. This does not include individual work, research or technical publications. After you have completed the final text you’d like to include in your publication, you should submit it using thePublications Request Form. Note that deadlines will vary and may take up to several weeks for large publications or for publications submitted during peak times, so plan early and send your items well in advance. Our editorial and design team is ready to help you produce professional publications that comply with AUC’s branding and editorial guidelines. To view the steps to produce a publication and the estimated project completion times, click here. If you have any problems or would like to set up an appointment to discuss your project, send an email to publications@aucegypt.edu

Can I create my own design for a publication and what are the procedures?

Yes, you can create/design your own promotional publication as long as it complies with the University’s branding and editorial policy. To view the policy, click here.

I approved my requested project but did not receive it yet. Where can I find it?

Once your job is approved, the publication will be sent by email (you will be copied) to the AUC print shop. You will need to contact the print shop at ext. 4111 or ext. 4479 to follow up.


I would like to update or revamp my website, what should I do?

You are free to update your webpage at any time during the year. The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs has more than a dozen webpage design templates from which you can select a new design for your webpage. Website templates can be checked here. To request a new homepage, submit a Website Services Form requesting a website, and you will be contacted by the content unit to request a meeting to further explain the process.

Is an outside organization permitted to add a link on the AUC website?

Only partner academic institutions or corporate sponsors in accordance with the University’s sponsorship policy may have links on the AUC website.

How can I get a username and password to be able to use the CMS system and edit my webpage?

To make edits to your page, you need to have a CMS account and be trained on how to use Drupal. The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs provides regular training sessions for new users. Each department or office may have up to two users per account. To request a new CMS account or to register for a training session, submit a Website Services Form, and you will be contacted by the content unit to schedule a training session.

What do I do if I need to create a new webpage?

If you want to create subsites your website, change the order or hide items that are showing on the page's navigation bar, contact web technical support at m_mamdouh@aucegypt.edu or extension 2394. To request a totally new website, submit a Website Services Form requesting a website, and you will be contacted by the content unit to request a meeting to explain the process.

Who do I contact if I need pictures of AUC?

If you are a member of the AUC community, you should send an email with your request, explaining the photo you need and the purpose of the photograph to publications@aucegypt.edu and we will process your request within two working days. If you are a journalist, contact the Media Relations Unit.

Can I get access to the photo archive?

The photo archive is only accessible to staff members in the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs. If you need a picture, send an email to publications@aucegypt.edu.

Do you provide video recording services?

The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs does not provide video recording services to the University.

How do I upload videos on AUC's YouTube channel?

In order to enhance the communications channels of the University, schools can have their own YouTube channels that follow these guidelines. This also applies to centers that are not affiliated with schools. Ensure that you have signed the Social Media Compliance Agreement prior to creating your own YouTube channel. Do not upload videos for which you have not secured the written consent of the speaker. Click here to download the video authorization form that you can use to receive permission from your speakers that their content will be published online.

Who do I contact to have an announcement or event published in News@AUC?

All members of the AUC community are free to submit both announcements and events that will appear in News@AUC. Refer to this page for News@AUC guidelines. To submit an event, click here. To submit an announcement, click here. All events submitted through the University calendar and marked as public will automatically appear in News@AUC and in the weekly Mark Your Calendar compilation of events in the coming week that is issued every Thursday.

Why didn't my event/announcement appear in News@AUC?

Announcements will appear the day after they are submitted, so long as they are submitted before 2 pm and all the information is provided. Events, on the other hand, will appear on the public calendar the day after they are submitted but will appear in News@AUC in the events column in chronological order, based on the other events in that same time period. All events appear in order of their occurrence automatically under the events section in News@AUC.

What is the difference between announcements and events in News@AUC?

Any submission can only appear as either an announcement or event, but not both. An announcement is a deadline, piece of information, new policy or statement that does not have a time and venue. An event is something that takes place on a specific day or days at a specific place and time. For an event to be submitted to the calendar, it should be open to all members of the AUC community and not closed to a specific constituency or by invitation-only.

If an announcement and event are submitted for the same thing, News@AUC staff members will use the categorization described above to put it in the correct place. Events include a description, like announcements, which appears when the user clicks on the title of the event on the News@AUC email page.

How do I submit events to the calendar?

You need to fill in this form and mark your event as public. The event will be edited and will automatically show on News@AUC and on the weekly Mark your Calendar newsletter. Public events on the University calendar should be open to all members of the AUC community and not closed to a specific constituency or by invitation-only.

How do I get a story published in News@AUC or AUCToday?

While the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs welcomes all story ideas and suggestions to News@AUC, the editorial team makes the final determination on what stories to publish. If a story is selected, the office's staff members will conduct all the needed interviews, take the pictures and write the story. News@AUC retains the right to not run a story at any time, even if it was previously written.

How can I send an email to the entire AUC community?

In order to prevent large volumes of daily email announcements, the University email policy does not permit the sending of "all-AUC" announcements or events. News@AUC provides a daily compilation of all announcements and events that are targeted to the entire University community. More specific emails may be sent to students, but only through the student portal or sent to faculty only through the provost’s office. No individual emails may be sent out for a specific event or announcement. The president, provost, vice presidents and specific offices such as transportation, human resources or security are, however, authorized to send out emails to the entire AUC community in specific circumstances.


Who is responsible for the University’s social media presence?

The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs' Media Relations Unit is responsible for AUC official social media presence. 

How do I get media coverage for my event or story?

You should contact the media unit three working days before the event to alert the media and invite journalists, when appropriate.

How can I create a Facebook page?

Click here to view our Social Media Policy.

Who is responsible for distributing the calendars?

Calendars are distributed during the summer according to a list of full-time staff and faculty members that are provided by the human resources and provost’s office. Additional calendars are available for purchase at the AUC bookstore on campus.

How do I get tickets for a concert or a party?

Tickets for plays may be purchased through the AUC Center for the Arts ticket booth. Many events on campus do not require tickets. To learn more, check the listing of the particular concert or event on the University calendar.

How do I get permission to shoot on campus for non-media purposes?

Click here to see the Campus Filming and Photography Policy.

How do I advertise or promote a certain product at AUC?

AUC does not permit advertising or product promotions on campus. Corporate sponsorships are permitted through the Office of Development or the Office of Student Development.

Who is responsible for inserting ads in newspapers? Where can I get the prices?

Individual departments or offices are responsible for contacting the newspaper in which they wish to advertise to inquire about rates and reserve space. Once you have determined the size of the ad, the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs will design your ad. To use this service, you should fill out the Publications Request Form, which will ask you to specify the size and details of the ad. All advertising on behalf of the University or any of its schools, centers or departments must be approved by the Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs.

How can I live stream my event?

The Office of Marketing Communication and Public Affairs is not involved in live streaming events on campus. Due to the staff costs associated with streaming events and the low viewership, recording the event and posting it on YouTube is a much more effective approach.

How can I edit my entry in the University directory?

Edits to webpages are handled by the authorized page administrator in that school, center or office. Changes and updates to individual listings in the University directory are handled by the provost and human resources office through this link.