Mail Pouch Service Process

Mail from Cairo to the USA

  1. An announcement through the community engagement email is sent to alert faculty about the dates and timings. of each pouch.
  2. Two mail pouches are sent from Cairo to the USA twice a month every other Tuesday.
  3. The Community Engagement Office is responsible for adding the USA stamps if needed, forever stamps are available in the faculty lounge room 1002.
  4. The mail is delivered to the New York office where a company we have an arrangement with a co-working dropping the envelopes with mail office boxes shall send it to a warehouse in Houston address.

Mail from the USA to Cairo 

  1. It is used for books and letters only
  2. Faculty who wish to bring in the mail whether letters or books will need to send it to 1321 Upland number 9009 Houston, TX 77043 USA.
  3. It is a must to write the American University in Cairo in the address part; otherwise, the shipment will return to the sender.
  4. FedEx courier is responsible to bring all mail letters from the Houston warehouse every ten days.  An email to requesters is sent once it arrives at the faculty lounge. 
  5. For shipments of books, the office arranges one shipment at the end of every month. It requires a lot of procedures to be allowed inside the country, including censorship approval. As soon as the shipment is cleared and delivered to campus, the Community Engagement Office sends an email to requestors to collect their books.