Faculty Library Lounge

Faculty Lounge Library

A collection of fiction and non-fiction books written in or translated into English is available in the faculty lounge for the use of faculty members. These books are mostly Faculty Lounge Library sub-committee recommendations and award-winning titles. A small collection by Arabic authors translated into English is shelved separately. Donated books from faculty members are also accepted.

You may access a regularly updated list of the titles at Faculty Lounge Library.

A maximum of two books may be borrowed for up to one month only. There are check out cards inside the front cover of each book. The library is run on the honor system, and each borrower is responsible for checking books in and out and for following the borrowing procedure. If one of the listed books that you would like to borrow is not checked out and is not on the shelves, please inform Dina Touta.

Borrowing Procedures

1. Sign out the card legibly (name, department and complete date)

2. Put the card in the card box (alphabetical order by author)

3. When returning a book:

Cross off your name on the card
Put the card back in the book
Do not shelve the book; place it on the desk by the card box

4. Borrowers are responsible for the replacement cost of any lost book. A book is considered lost after 60 days overdue.