How to Pay?

  • Tuition rates at AUC are expressed in US dollars.
  • Egyptian students can pay in USD or EGP at the daily rate of exchange in the bank at the time of payment, after the issuance of the semester billing statement.
  • International students must pay tuition and fees in US dollars.
  • Tuition and fees are collected each semester.
  • Students must clear their outstanding bills (including charges for breakage, library fines, dorm fees, bus service fees, or parking fees) before issuing transcripts, certificates, or seeking financial clearances.
  • Students with due amounts that exceed USD 676 or its equivalent in EGP will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester.
  • Non-degree students and auditors pay the same tuition and fees as undergraduate students.

Account Statements

Account statements define the exact billed amount of tuition and fees to be paid for the relevant semester.

Only an online billing system for returning students is applied at AUC. Each student has a link to access Banner Self-Service (BSS) anytime. Through BSS, students can view their accounts or print tuition payment order to be presented to CIB for cash payments. Students/parents with BSS credentials can access their accounts anytime through the BSS online services. These services include subscriptions for buses and applying for installments plan as well. Online payments, ATM payments, and bank transfers do not require a printed invoice.

You can get your invoice through your Self-Service Banner  account.

Tuition Payment Methods

  • Cash deposit on any of CIB branches except for CIB unit at AUC New Cairo.

  • AUC provides wide bank card payment methods to returning students.

    • All students may pay their tuition and fees with a credit card. AUC currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and discover through online payment only.
    • A 1.27 percent convenience fee will be assessed for payment by credit card.
    • Credit card payments cannot be made over the phone.
    • AUC will return any refund due and initially paid by credit card to the same card. The convenience fee is non-refundable.
    • Payments can be made through your Banner Self-Service.

    Egyptian students can pay online using local banks cards as below:

    1. Login to AUC Pay to pay the tuition fees
    2. The students will select the Tuition fees tab 
    3. The system shows the due amount after calculating the USD exchange rate from CIB plus transaction fees for online payment of 1.27 percent
    4. The user will pay using the accepted payment gateway by entering credit card credentials
    5. A confirmation email is sent to the student on his AUC email

    Egyptian students’ tuition can be paid by using any of CIB ATMs in Egypt at any time. You only need to enter the student ID number on the ATM and transfer the fees from your bank account to the University’s bank account.

    Types of cards that can be used:

    All CIB Cards:

    • All MasterCard cards issued by other Egyptian banks
    • All transactions are from EGP accounts only; no USD accounts are allowed

    Service Benefits:

    • Convenient: Finalize your fee payment from any place at any time through more than 750 ATMs available 24/7
    • Free: Enjoy the free-of-charge service
    • Fast: Pay your tuition and fees in a few steps without visiting any CIB branches
    • Secure: Use your card for payment instead of carrying cash

    Steps of Payment:

    • From CIB ATM machine, Choose bill payment and mobile recharge services
    • Press education to choose AUC
    • Enter the student ID
    • Check your due amount displayed on the screen and choose either “Accept” or “Cancel” the transaction
    • Confirm your payment to be debited from your account, and a notification will be sent to the University

    **Kindly note that this service is highly secured, and no information is shared with the bank rather than the student ID that was selected by the payer and the due amount. Hence, it is highly recommended to make sure that you insert the correct ID.

    Important Notes

    • Make sure to receive your payment receipt after you complete your transaction.
    • The payment takes 3-5 business days to be reflected on the Banner account.
    • There is a delay of one business day in updating balances on ATMs. Any charge/scholarship updated into the Banner account will be reflected on the ATM amount due in the next business day.
  • For CIB bank transfer instructions, click here.

  • For Citibank NY Bank Transfer Instructions, click here.

  • USD tuition payment can be made through the NYO as follows:

    • Certified or Cashiers' check
    • Money order
    • Bank transfer

    For checks and money orders:

    • Make the check payable to "The American University in Cairo". Include your AUC ID in the memo of the payment.
    • Mail the check to our Citibank lock-box address:

    The American University in Cairo
    Mail Code: 7805
    P.O. Box 7247
    Philadelphia, PA 19170- 7805

    • P.O. Box will only receive USPS mailing. NO COURIER SERVICES - NO FEDEX NO UPS
    • Citibank will be depositing the check directly into AUC bank account.  

Tuition Refunds

Email to
Subject: Refund Request
The email should mention the following:

  • Student ID:
  • Student Name:
  • Bank name and branch:
  • IBAN Code:
  • Account holder’s legal name as in bank and National ID:

For amounts exceeding EGP 5,000 or its equivalent in USD, undergraduate students' refunds will be hand-delivered exclusively to the student’s parents or a person with power of attorney from the student’s parents. The exception to this is for US federal loan refunds, which will be delivered to the student or their designate.

For the tuition refund policy, click here.

Note that the refund percentages are applicable for charged tuition and fees, not actual payments.