Course Levels and Listings

Course Levels for the ALNG Program

The ALNG unit offers a variety of courses for elementary, intermediate and advanced levels. 

Arabic for Natives 

These courses cover Modern Standard Arabic, Arabic of the news media and courses for selected topics.

In addition, the program offers elective courses to thanawiya amma holders or students who demonstrate equivalent Arabic-language proficiency to enhance their career prospects. Courses that would be especially useful for these students include From Reading to Writing ALWT 3271, Egyptian Culture on film ALNG 3327, Arabic for Career Purposes ALNG 3993 and El Ard Bititkallim ‘Arabi; Know Thy World in Arabic ALWT 3919 ALWT 4272.

Arabic for Non-Natives

These courses cover Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian Colloquial Arabic, Arabic of the news media and courses for selected topics.

Modern Standard Arabic is offered through normal and accelerated tracks. Regular track courses are three credits each. Courses for this track may include ALNG 1101 and ALNG 1102, which are taught in two consecutive semesters.

Accelerated track courses are six credits each, thereby combining two semesters in one. For example, ALNG 1501 covers topics in ALNG 1101 and ALNG 1102. 

For a detailed description of ALNG courses, check the AUC Catalog.

The schedule of classes is posted online here for students. The following acronyms are used: 'U' for Sunday, 'M' for Monday, 'W' for Wednesday and 'R' for Thursday. In the fall and spring semesters, all ALNG classes meet four times a week (MR and SW), except for Arabic of the news media courses, which meet MR or SW. As for winter and summer sessions, ALNG courses meet five times per week, Sunday to Thursday (including Tuesday).