Course Transfer and Evaluation

Graduate students should meet with their graduate faculty advisers, and conduct an audit for their degrees prior to applying to the exchange program in order to determine the best courses to take abroad. It is recommended that graduate students complete their graduate prerequisite courses prior to their semester abroad. Before meeting with the adviser, students should prepare a list of courses already taken and a list of courses planned for the host university. Often, advisers will request course descriptions. 

After meeting with their advisers, graduate students should prepare a list of courses they wish to take during their time abroad. Graduate students will fill out the transfer credit evaluation form, which is available at the Office of the Registrar for course equivalency. 

Include the courses you plan on taking a while during the exchange program on the Transfer Credit Pre-Approval form

Note that only one-third of your coursework can be transferred (excluding thesis and comprehensive exam credits). Also, the number of transferable credits will be rounded up to the nearest multiple of three. For example: 7 credits would be 6, 8 credits would be 9 and so on effective fall 2021. Make sure to check with the transfer credit unit regarding the maximum number of transferable credits according to your program.

Important Notes:

  • It is crucial to meet with the assistant registrar for graduate student records and academic affairs at the Office of the Registrar to ensure course transferability

  • Before leaving the host university, ensure to request an official copy of your transcript

  • Note that the registrar's office does not accept official transcripts that are directly sent from students

  • The transfer credit affairs in the office of the registrar will not transfer credits to AUC without receiving an official transcript directly from the host institution

  • Students must make sure to fill out the transfer credit pre-approval form in the transfer credit affairs in the office of the registrar, a semester prior to the planned study-abroad/exchange program