Letter from the Editor

Aliaa Hamad

Now that the Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters have concluded and we have had time to wrap our heads around our rapid transition to online instruction, we want to reflect on this experience and take a look back at our time teaching online. This special issue of Rhetoric Today features five articles by our instructors in which they evaluate their experience with online teaching. They highlight the lessons learned from this experience, how prepared they feel they are to move to teaching online, and how it helped them grow as instructors.

Instructors Ehab Elshimi, Adham Mahmoud, Aliaa Hamad, and Senior Instructor Hossam Attiah share how they prepared for the sudden move to online teaching, the activities, tips, and strategies they found most helpful and/or relevant when teaching online, how they provided support for their students during this transition, and how they addressed the unanticipated hiccups, if any. Brooke Comer takes it even a step further and adds a student’s perspective on what they found most rewarding and challenging about online learning.