Letter from the Editor

November 21, 2019

In this issue of Rhetoric Today, we celebrate the AUC Centennial. As AUC turns 100, it is only fitting that we reflect on our identity as a department and academic institution. This issue, therefore, features four articles and a poem by five of our instructors in which they look at our past, present, and future. It highlights how the contributing instructors think about how far we’ve come, who we are, our role as instructors, where we still need to grow, and where we are headed.

We start with Senior Instructor II Sanaa Makhlouf’s reflection on verses that adorn the walls of Ewart Hall. She details how they compel her to revisit her own mottos and how we learn and unlearn as well as inform her teaching practices.     

Senior Instructor II Doris Jones engages with an issue that continues to trouble us as rhetoric instructors: reading, and explains how The New Yorker is helping reading make a comeback in today’s globalized culture and the concerns that might ensue as a result.  

Senior Instructor Michael Gibson, who is now the Writing Center Director and Chair of the Publicity Committee, emphasizes the importance of looking back on our journey in order to outline our teaching trajectory and asking ourselves how we can best support our students and colleagues and explains how the committee and center he chairs can help with both.   

And since one of our goals is to ensure that our students are able to transfer what they are taught in our classrooms to other classes and even beyond the walls of our institution, Brooke Comer interviews Dr. Carra Leah Hood who visited AUC and delivered a series of talks and workshops on, among other topics, teaching for transfer as part of the Provost Lecture Series. The DVR shares what surprised her about AUC, what the AUC and her own Stockton University have in common, and the value of reaching out to marginalized communities and teaching for transfer.   

Finally, we end on a high note with a poem written by Sherin Darwish and meant to epitomize the unique New Cairo campus experience.