November 21, 2019

A teeming plaza;
then a silent patio. 
The tinkly chatter
of a hidden fountain;
Then the heated glare
of a tiled expanse. 

A long alley of peaceful palms mocking the bustling thoroughfare: late 4 class - late 4 a mtg -time 4 coffee? –Sorry, need 2 run! -Office hours posted! -can't come tonight. –Oh no, missed the deadline! -got an 'A'! -Class postponed: yesss!! –He’s AMAAAAZING!! -Sorry, 2 busy -Can't stop -C u later...

                        Stop! Look above you:
                        Always a fugitive
                        arabesqu'ed interlace
                        of stone arches;
                        Always a different assemblage of
                        dun-coloured variations
                        from the same ancient quarry,
                        topping the geometric dream 
                        of men's renewed interpretation.
                        This land's glorious past ... See it? 


new minds mingle with old
stone cradles plant
blue sky spills over desert stone
basement-level alcoves
lead up to eyrie look-outs…
Through glass and wood, and windowed-lace
we dream a young future,
slowly etching in stone and sand

a Thousand-and-One stories of leafy wadis and hopeful wisdom...