Meet Our Peer Tutors

AUC peer tutors are excelling undergraduate students who are highly recommended by their professors, and well-trained to facilitate effective tutoring sessions. Check their profiles below to know more about them.

Boy with suit

Ahmed Gamal Eltokhy

Hola! I am a junior, double majoring in mathematics and computer engineering and double minoring in music and music technology.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​​:
Calculus, Fundamentals of Computing, Analysis and Design of Algorithms, and Discrete Mathematics.

Fun Fact:
I joined medical school and declared physics, graphic design, chemistry, electronics engineering, and computer science before settling on my current majors. You can figure out why I’m on an uberman cycle.

Veiled girl smiling

Gehad Salem

I am a sophomore majoring in computer science and mathematics. I’m happy to help and make the course more fun for you:).

Course I'm Tutoring:
Fundamentals of Computing I.

Fun Fact:
I a
m from Alexandria, and I love puzzle games.

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Kirolous Fouty

Computer engineering student experienced in programming and computer science. I am more than glad to help, and I will do my best for you to understand and enjoy computer science as I do:).

Courses I’m Tutoring:
Fundamentals of Computing.

Fun Fact:
My last name is Fouty Dimitry, and my grandparents are Greek. Greece is one of the loveliest and most enjoyable countries out there, and luckily, I have myriads of stories to tell about it!

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Hanya ElBanna

I am a senior student double majoring in political science and economics.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Statistics for Business.

Fun Fact:
Just don’t talk to me when I am hungry.

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Reem Hamada

Hi, I am Reem, an electronics and communication engineering senior. I intend to minor in computer science. Feel free to ask for help from me or any of my colleagues. We’ve got your back. 

Courses I’m Tutoring:

Fun Fact:
I love watching Korean dramas, especially with my best friends.

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Loka Samir

Hi, this is Loka Samir, a mechanical engineering freshman.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:

Fun Fact:
I am a big fan of Al-Zamalek, and I love stand-up comedy.

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Sara Mohamed

A junior double majoring in computer science and mathematics.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Fundamentals of Computing and Discrete Mathematics.

Fun Fact:
I love learning about linguistics and history in my free time!

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Janna Amer

Hello! I am Janna Amer. I am a junior with a double major in business and economics.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Introduction to Macroeconomics and Math for Economists.

Fun Fact:
I lift weights for fun!

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Alya Moussa

I am a sophomore majoring in literature and hopefully minoring in education and psychology. Education is very important to me as I hope to eventually have a career as a university professor, which is why the opportunity to be a peer tutor is special to me. I will always try my best to help as a friend first.

Courses I’m Tutoring:
Introduction to Psychology.

Fun Fact:
I used to be a child ballerina, and I really love early 2000s rom-coms.

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Farida Elrefaie

I am a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in anthropology. Hoping to make your life easier:).

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​:
Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Psychological Statistics, Lifespan Development, and Social Psychology.

Fun Fact:
I love rowing, board and card games.

Face of a smiling girl

Shahd Abousenna

Hey:) I am a sophomore biology major, and I am here to help you out!

Courses I’m Tutoring:
General Chemistry.

Fun Fact:
I can walk a tightrope:).

Boy wearing suit and tie smiling

Shady Sawires

Mechanical engineering major and willing to help you with all your questions ;).

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Calculus 2.

Fun Fact:
I am from Sharm El-Sheikh and a big fan of Al-Ahly.

Boy with glasses sitting on a chair smiling

Kyrollos Zakaria

Hello, this is Kyrollos Zakaria. A sophomore majoring in computer science. I am passionate about delivering concepts smoothly. It just feels good!

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Fundamentals of Computing
Discrete Mathematics, and Physics.

Fun Fact:
I was in medicine school before shifting to computer science!

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Tasnim Gomaa

A finance student who enjoyed these courses so much and is willing to support her peers to help them have an enjoyable experience as well.

Courses I’m Tutoring:
Introduction to Business and Statistics for Business.

Fun Fact:
Music and swimming help me escape stress and calm my mind. I love them deeply!

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Islam Hassan

Hello! I am a sophomore majoring in computer engineering and minoring in physics. I am very passionate about teaching and have been doing this since high school.

Courses I’m Tutoring:
Fundamentals of Computing I, Calculus II, and Calculus III.

Fun Fact:
I am a big fan of Zamalek. I also love reading about cosmology, hence the minor.

Boy wearing a black polo shirt

Mostafa Gaafar

I intend to double major in mechanical engineering and computer engineering. I believe all courses can be easy if you understand the material, and that’s why I’m here :).

Courses I’m Tutoring:
Calculus I, Calculus II, and Chemistry I.

Fun Fact:
I really love playing chess and ping pong and would be happy to pick up some games with you. I also love cooking even though I'm quite bad at it.

Boy smiling wearing a tshirt and jacket

Ahmed Fayez Elsousy

Hello! I am an electronics and communications engineering junior. I am passionate about anything technology, electricity, or math related. I’d love to make my peers feel the same about those topics.

Courses I’m Tutoring:
Circuits I and Programming Elements for Electrical Engineers.

Fun Fact:
I play games in my free time and am trying to learn to play the saxophone. I love jazz, and classical music.

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Ahmed ElDardeery

Hello! I’m Ahmed, a junior majoring in mechanical engineering. I’ve always been passionate about teaching and helping other students, and I can’t wait to help you.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Physics I, Engineering Mechanics I (Statics), Engineering Mechanics II (Dynamics), Strength of Materials, and Differential Equations.

Fun Fact:
I’m the captain of the tennis team at AUC and probably the biggest football fan you’ll find on campus.

Boy with hands crossed and glasses smiling

Hadj Ahmed Chikh Dahmane

Greetings, I am Hadj Ahmed. I am currently a sophomore in computer science. I am passionate about the intersection between math and computer science and how these two fields are interrelated.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Calculus I, Fundamentals of Computing I, Fundamentals of Computing II, and Fundamentals of Computing II Lab.

Fun Fact:
I am from Algeria.

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Beshoy Aziz

 I am majoring in economics with a concentration in quantitative and financial economics and double minoring in mathematics, applied probability and statistics.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Statistics for Business and Mathematics for Economists.

Fun Fact:
I went to a full exchange year abroad at The University of Chicago and transferred only two courses. So, I am in my fourth year with only 61 credits earned.

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Toqa Bahaa

I am a senior majoring in electronics and communication engineering and minoring in computer science. I'd be happy to help :).

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Circuits I and Programming Elements for Electrical Engineering.

Fun Fact:
I play piano and want to learn the violin.

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Youssef AbdelAaty

I am a senior business student with a concentration in finance. I am here to help if anybody needs me!

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Investment Analysis and Introduction to Business.

Fun Fact:
I am a huge fan of rock music and I love football!

Veiled girl sitting with trees in background

Nada Badawi

Hello :) I am Nada, a computer engineering junior who is minoring in mathematics. Teaching is one of the things I enjoy the most; I love finding creative ways to discover and tailor new teaching methods to suit everyone. I would be happy to provide you with any help :)

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:

Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming, Digital Design I, Introduction to Electronics, Physics II, and Fundamentals of Computing I.

Fun Fact:
I was raised in the UAE, and I am an extreme Potterhead!

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Nermien Elassy

Hello there :) I am a junior computer engineer; however, I used to be a pharmacist and a data scientist. I am quite interested in problem-solving and machine learning. Also, I am fond of biology and physics.

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Analysis and Design of Algorithms, and Physics I.

Fun Fact:
I am into drawing, photography, and reading.

girl with curly hair smiling

Farah Khaled Mohamed

Hey! I'm a business marketing student with a minor in and a passion for psychology.
I'd be happy to help :).

Courses I’m Tutoring​​​​​:
Introduction to Psychology and Financial Accounting.