Center for Arabic Study Abroad @AUC (CASA@AUC)

The Center for Arabic Study Abroad (CASA) was established in AUC in 1967 by a consortium of American Universities committed to supporting intensive advanced Arabic language and culture study to advanced undergraduates, graduates and professors. More than 1,500 students have graduated from this distinguished program since its inception. AUC now holds its own CASA@AUC program under its Center for Advanced Arabic Study in Cairo (CAASIC) program, administered exclusively by AUC, and various other CAASIC Advanced Language Programs.

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CAASIC announces its 12-month Advanced Arabic Language and Culture Immersion Program: CASA@AUC

A limited number of scholarships is available for qualified applicants, in addition to Pay Your Own Way applications for students not accepted for scholarships, or those having outside funding. To know more about the program, click here.

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The Center for Arabic Study Abroad @AUC (CASA@AUC) offers advanced-level training in Arabic language and culture to qualified American students at AUC.

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Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language

Last year, I was part of the prestigious CASA@AUC program. I’m very thankful to have finally gotten into the TAFL program at AUC and excited to embark on this journey. Masr minawara bi ahlaha (Egyptian people make the country what it is).

Mark Papai, Hungary
Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language
Photo courtesy of Colette Ghunim.

I immersed myself, absorbing Arabic and the Egyptian culture. Not only was I able to meet some of my best friends and become proficient in Arabic, but my own core beliefs in life's purpose dramatically transformed.

Colette Ghunim ('YAB 13)
Documentary Filmmaker; Digital Media Associate, Skill Scout

For people in the Middle East, and Egypt in particular, being friendly and polite is taken for granted. You walk down the street here and exchange more niceties in a morning than you do in a year in other places.

Ben Wedeman (YAB ’81), Senior International Correspondent, CNN
Eve Troutt Powell at Commencement

'We Used to Dance Around the Pyramids at Night': Eve Troutt Powell Reflects on Time at AUC, in Cairo

Eve Troutt Powell (CASA '84, '89, '05), the Christopher M. Browne Professor of History and Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, delivered the keynote speech at AUC’s undergraduate commencement ceremony on June 22.

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