Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty (full and part-time) at AUC will be responsible for:

1. knowing and complying with the AUC Code of Academic Ethics.
2. signing the AUC Code of Academic Ethics Agreement as attached to their employment contracts.
3. upholding the highest standards of academic integrity in all of the faculty member’s own work.
4. upholding the highest standards of academic integrity by refusing to tolerate violations of the AUC Code of Academic Ethics.
5. Reporting any suspected violation of the code to an appropriate faculty, administration or student judicial board member.
6. fostering an atmosphere of academic integrity among colleagues, students and staff.
7. respecting the rights of others, which includes the obligation to refrain from behavior that violates or adversely affects the rights of other members of the AUC community.
8. taking the necessary steps to apply the Code of Academic Ethics to the circumstances of their courses. These might include (but are not limited to):

  • specifying conditions for collaborative course work including working in groups, with lab partners, doing homework, and any other submitted work.
  • giving clear guidelines or instructions concerning course requirements and policy.
  • maintaining the security and integrity of exams, including proctoring examinations and quizzes properly.
  • giving students a reasonable time to finish exams or course work.
  • making students aware of academic integrity and creating an atmosphere of trust during exams.
  • making fair and adequate evaluations of all work submitted by students.
  • varying course materials sufficiently and regularly to discourage dishonest academic behavior.
  • securing electronic materials from unauthorized access.
  • acting as a role model by citing sources properly in lectures and talking about how citation shows respect for other scholars.