Class C violations and sanctions

Class C Violations (Serious: Disciplinary)   Recommended action
Any referral to AIC Committee 



Possible suspension from major
Repeated disruptive behavior 



Repeated tardiness, or excessive absences 



Warning, reduction of grade, disenrollment
Ignoring warnings to stop talking during exams 



Referral to chair
Repeated grade complaints, and requests for special consideration 



Warning of possible grade reduction if egregious.
Lying about a medical condition or other personal excuse to avoid work deadlines or gain a competitive advantage 



Warning, possible referral to chair for additional action; grade reduction
Excessive copying of textbooks to avoid buying them (violation of copyright laws) 



Warning with explanation of universal copyright law
Continue the misbehavior after initial warning 



Course grade reduction, referral to chair; possible disenrollment
Repeated misuse of the University copy machines or other equipment for personal use  Warning, possible Academic Integity Committee violation