Campus Access

Access to AUC Campuses

No fees are charged for accessing AUC campuses; however, access to campuses is authorized by different offices.

Current Employees and Students

IDs are issued by the ID unit in the Security Office; the unit issues the ID cards for current employees and students, programs it for access to the appropriate places for the appropriate time. For more information on ID issuance, click here.

Visiting Faculty and Scholars

The Provost's Office offers authorization for issuance of IDs for academic visitors. These include visiting faculty and graduate students visiting from other institutions, independent scholars, all of whom must have a departmental sponsor and who are deemed "fellows-without-stipend," and all members of Library consortia institutions, as verified by the Library. The Provost's office may delegate authorization to deans, including the dean of the Libraries.


The Office of Alumni Engagement authorizes the issuance of IDs for alumni. To know more about the Alumni ID Card and Conduct Policy, click here.

Visitors for Business Purposes

The Office of the Associate Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer authorizes the issuance of IDs for contractors, vendors, and other individuals with business purposes on campus.

New Visitor Management System

General Guidelines

  • All campus visitors must be pre-registered before arriving on campus for faster and smoother campus access.
  • The host (faculty or staff only) must submit the visitor’s information 24 hours before the visit by filling in the visitor registration form here.
  • To ensure smoother access, visitors to the AUC New Cairo campus shall enter via Gate 1 through the portal entrance or Gate 4 through the Pepsi entrance.

How does the system work?

  • The host (faculty or staff only) shall log in to the system using AUC credentials to fill in the form to pre-register the expected visitor(s).
  • The security back office team will verify and process the request.
  • The visitor(s) will receive a one-time use QR code on his/her email.
  • The visitor shall scan his/her QR code on the iPad at the entrance.
  • The system will verify the QR code validity and record the translation.
  • The security officer will facilitate the visitor's access to campus.

For more information, email