University Registrar

Dear AUC Community,

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to University Registrar Rasha Mahmoud, who is resigning from her position effective January 10, 2023. Rasha first came to AUC as an undergraduate student, and has been a part of the AUC family for over 24 years. She has served as the University Registrar for the past six years – having begun her career in the Office of the Registrar as a Specialist 18 years ago.

Rasha’s leadership has impacted all AUC students, as she has been committed to ensuring that our academic policies are applied accurately and equitably across the university. Her support to students both during their time at AUC and as alumni is unparalleled. I would like to acknowledge in particular Rasha’s gallant efforts during the COVID pandemic, where she was instrumental in enabling us to shift to a combination of online and socially-distanced-physical classes.   She also led the Office of the Registrar’s shift to virtual service delivery, giving our students an experience that was as seamless as possible during this challenging time.

To say that Rasha will be missed is indeed an understatement. She will remain a part of the AUC family. Please join me in wishing Rasha all the best as she moves on to other commitments. 

Manar Zaki will be returning to the Office of the Registrar to serve as Interim University
Registrar. Currently a faculty member in the Academy of Liberal Arts, Manar previously served as AUC’s Associate Registrar until July 2021. Manar graciously and willingly accepted my invitation to serve as an Interim Registrar. I thank you all for giving Manar your full support during this transition.

Please join me in thanking Manar and to welcoming her in her new capacity. 


Ehab Abdel-Rahman, Provost