End of Year Message

Dear AUC Community,

Looking back on 2022, AUC has many accomplishments that reflect the unique capabilities and top caliber of our faculty, students and staff. They are an expression of your passion, unwavering spirit of service and strong sense of community. Eager for the return to the first fully normal post-COVID semester, our campus this year was bursting once again with student activities, international conferences and visitors, sports competitions, alumni gatherings, and a wide range of events.

The Mental Health Initiative is an important cornerstone in our efforts to nurture a culture that supports mental health and emotional well-being for all community members. The Climate Change Initiative, which included AUC’s spectacular participation in COP27, signaled another important institutional priority and commitment to the future. The year also saw us secure the largest competitive grant in the history of AUC. The $86 million USAID grant will allow us to extend scholarships, fellowships and professional education opportunities to hundreds of Egyptians. This is yet another example of how we continue to reach out and serve the society of which we are a part. 

While the year witnessed many positive achievements, it was not without challenges as the country grappled with currency devaluation, the ripples of which were felt across our community. We managed to provide meaningful support, prioritizing students and employees who were most affected. We kept our promise that no continuing student would be prevented from completing their AUC education due to an inability to pay. While we maintain an optimistic outlook, we must also seize this moment to reflect on our financial model and the economic impacts on all of our constituencies as we plan for the future. Together, we will fulfill our duty as custodians of the welfare of our institution and the future of our students.

Meanwhile, we continue to make good progress on ambitious plans for our academic programming, supported by several campus projects. AUC is a strong and resilient institution and its future depends on your contributions and steadfastness. Early in the new year, I will share our current plans and invite all of you to engage with us through a community-wide discussion of critically important topics related to rethinking our academic programs and continuing the design work for the campus, to name only two of several areas of focus. 

Please accept my deep appreciation to all of our community members who have continued to set, and demand, a high standard in everything we do that is worthy of AUC. I am inspired by your commitment to the University and the role it plays in Egypt and the region. 

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season and look forward to working with you in 2023. 


Ahmad Dallal