Employee Support and Update on Devaluation Impact

Dear AUC Community,

This is a follow up to my earlier messages about the impact of the most recent devaluation on the various members of our community.

In addition to the range of interventions we announced to support our students with tuition for the spring semester, we will be processing a one-time payment for staff and a few eligible faculty in the February 2023 payroll to help mitigate some of the impact of the devaluation. The specifics of the one-time payment will be communicated by HR and the provost’s office directly to those employees in the coming weeks. We will follow the same guiding principle of making allocations in ways that provide the highest increments to those at the lowest end of the pay scale. We will be excluding the top 15% of our payroll from this one-time payment, including members of the senior leadership team.

We are working as expeditiously as possible, within finite resources, to address the recent devaluation and its longer-term implications on the institution and on all members of our community. We understand that employees would prefer fixed adjustments to salaries. At this point in time, however, we can only consider temporary, one-time interventions that do not make permanent claims on the University budget. We will be evaluating the possibility of salary increases during our budget planning cycle for the next fiscal year that starts in July. As we study permanent commitments, we have to factor all aspects of our financial obligations and fixed costs, as well as the impact of such decision on students, staff and faculty. 

We will hold a Campus Conversation to discuss these issues on Sunday, February 5, at 1 pm in Mary Cross Hall, after the spring semester has begun and faculty and students are back on campus. We look forward to your participation in person or virtually and remain confident in our community’s ability to face this challenging period together and simultaneously advance AUC’s ambitious plans for the future. 


Ahmad Dallal
AUC President