100 Days Lost Time Incidents Free

March 31, 2021

The Office of Environmental Health and Safety is delighted to announce that the American University in Cairo has surpassed 100 days without any Lost Time Incidents (LTI). This marks an important milestone in AUC’s efforts towards strengthening its safety culture in an environment often characterized by demanding circumstances and it represents an increased safety awareness amongst all crews.

Our teams have done an impressive job in embracing our safety culture and are all to be congratulated for their effort in keeping themselves and fellow members safe over an entire 100 days.

Our Incident Classification System includes four types according to the severity and the man-hours affected upon any incident as follow:

First Aid:
Any treatment of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters, and so forth, and any follow-up visit for observation.

Medical Treatment Only (MTO):
Any work-related injury or illness requiring medical care or treatment beyond first aid that does not result in a Restricted Work/Transfer Case (RWTC) or Lost Time Incident (LTI). The medical treatment does not include first aid treatment even though provided by a physician or registered professional personnel

Restricted Work/Transfer Case (RWTC):
A Restricted Work/Transfer Case (RWTC) occurs when an employee can’t perform all of the routine job functions but does not result in days away from work. An RWTC occurs when, as a consequence of a work-related injury or illness:

a)  The employee is temporarily assigned to another job;

b)  The employee cannot perform all of his routine job functions for all or part of his work shift;

c)  The employee works his regularly assigned job but cannot work the full shift/tour.

Lost Time Incident (LTI):
A work-related incident (injury or illness) to an employee in which a physician or licensed healthcare professional recommends days away from work due to the incident.

Congratulations to AUC  and all teams for this accomplishment! Keep up the safe work for many more LTI free years to come.


Dr. Hussam Aldine Hassan

MBBCh, MSc Vascular Surgery, MSc Occupational Medicine, NEBOSH IGC OHS

Chief Health and Safety Officer