Office of Procurement Services


The Office of Procurement Services is established to support the educational and research missions of the University. The office's procurement staff have the requisite knowledge, skills and training to assist the University personnel in acquiring required goods and services. This expertise ensures that the procurement decisions will be made in the University's best interest and in compliance with its policies.

Our first priority is customer service. As a service department, our goal is to develop and maintain an excellent working relationship with our stakeholders and strive to ensure that all procurement transactions are conducted in a legal, ethical, and professional manner while abiding by The American University in Cairo's (AUC) policies and procedures. This results in the most efficient, economical and responsible purchases. We offer all businesses an opportunity to compete on an equal basis.


The office's mission is to procure agile and compliant while ensuring the best value for money. This is done by providing optimum-quality services by aligning resources to define and satisfy the diverse needs of AUC students, faculty, and staff, from goods, services and projects, following the University’s mission and its highest standards of ethics and integrity.

To fulfill this mission, we seek to attain the following goals:

  • Procure all equipment, supplies and services consistent with the quality, quantity and delivery requirements of the requesting University departments
  • Obtain the maximum value for each dollar expended, utilizing open competition and impartial evaluation of alternate products
  • Assist faculty and staff by providing product information, locating sources of supply, and explaining procurement options. Saving time and energy for faculty and staff, they will work more effectively and have more time to do what they are best skilled, trained and educated to do, thereby increasing creativity and productivity
  • Promote good working relationships with all faculty, staff and students seeking procurement assistance by understanding their purpose and objectives
  • Foster fair, ethical and legal trade practices that develop a strong vendor community and promote public trust in AUC
  • Develop and implement operational procedures that provide the highest level of service while adhering to governmental regulations, laws, rules, policies and procedures
  • Provide seminars and training sessions, whenever required, on the procurement process. Visit departments and seek to improve interdepartmental communication at all times
  • Promote AUC's mission, as stated in the University mission statement, by emphasizing the need for continuous sound business practices regarding procurement management and administration


  • Promote fair, transparent and competitive trade practices
  • Cultivate good working relationships with the AUC community
  • Constantly updating our policy to become more customer-centric while maintaining best practice

We are governed by our values: Integrity, innovation, quality, commitment and teamwork.


  1. Procurement Services
  2. Order Fulfillment
  3. Logistics
  4. Material Management


Administration Building
Ground Floor
AUC New Cairo

Ibrahim Yacoub
Executive Director, Procurement Services