AUC New Cairo Campus Facts and Figures

  1. 80% of the external walls on campus are made of sandstone, which keeps rooms cool during the day and warm at night

  2. 115,000 square meters of stone, marble and granite were used in the campus construction – the most stone used in a single project since the Giza Pyramids

  3. More than 75% of the stone in the Alumni Wall that circles the campus is made from recycled stone

  4. A 1.6-kilometer underground service tunnel runs below ground across the campus to move supplies via electric cars

  5. AUC ranked first in Africa and Egypt in the 2021 Universitas Indonesia (UI) GreenMetric ranking

  6. AUC is the only University in the region and is among the universities outside North America that are recognized in the Princeton Review Guide to Green Colleges. AUC scored a green rating of 98 out of 99 according to the Princeton Review Guide to Green Colleges 2022

  7. The campus received a special award at the Urban Land Institute 2009 Awards for Excellence: Europe, Middle East, and Africa competition because it was “designed to be a tool and stimulus in itself for learning and to anchor community development around the University”

  8. During the campus construction, a total of nine cranes were operating onsite at once.

  9. A highly efficient irrigation network allows AUC to dispense less than half the average water used per day for a property of this size

  10. AUC uses nearly 100% treated wastewater to irrigate the campus landscape

  11. 27 closed-system water fountains increase the level of relative humidity in the dry microclimate playing a major role in cooling the campus

  12. Building walls are constructed according to systems that reduce air conditioning and heating energy costs by at least 50%

  13. All office spaces have access to natural light and ventilation to reduce the use of artificial lighting and air conditioning

  14. AUC generates 30% to 40% of its power requirements using a process that converts the heat produced from air conditioning systems into electricity

  15. 7000 indigenous trees are grown at the Center for Applied Research on the Environment and Sustainability (CARES)

  16. The campus is designed to be accessible to persons with disabilities

  17. 136 smart classrooms

  18. 200 laboratories outfitted with cutting-edge lab equipment

  19. 13 research centers operating in diverse fields

  20. Home to the largest English-language academic library collection in Egypt

  21. The landscaping includes nearly 150 different species of plants and more than 8,000 trees of international and native Egyptian species

  22. AUC New Cairo almost adopted the fox for its mascot as a tribute to a little pup found roaming the campus when it first opened

  23. AUC is the first University in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to produce a carbon footprint report in response to the alarming implications of climate change and Egypt's regional energy significance

  24. AUC launched its inaugural sustainability report in 2020 as a benchmark for its sustainability performance. It recognizes AUC’s commitment to sustainable practices and identifies areas in which the University can improve to become an international leader in sustainability. This report is biennial and its latest edition has been issued in 2022