Fact Book

The dashboard provides comprehensive overview of admissions, enrollment and graduation data for AUC undergraduate and graduate students. The interactive dashboard enables users to view the information according to their different needs. It is a great resource for trends data that can answer a lot of business questions. This is the first step in an on-going journey through which other data about faculty, alumni and other constituencies will be provided. 

Our Students


  • The dashboard shows actual figures for the current semester until census day
  • Official reporting (accreditation, assessment and planning) is based on census figures only
  • Admissions official reporting is based on new students only, excluding transfers and readmits. Apply the filter: Student Type: New
  • Degrees sought tab double counts enrolled students with double majors and dual degrees
  • Graduation patterns are based on headcount excluding diplomas
  • Degrees awarded double counts graduated students with double majors and dual degrees