Coronavirus Arrangements

For the safety and health of students and staff, the Office of Residential Life has been mandated to reduce physical presence in the dorms (on campus, and Buildings 1 and 2) therefore we will be reducing the number of staff who work on the premises and who support you in normal times. 

The Office of Residential Life also needs to consolidate, freeing up space in case it is needed for students to self-isolate. 

Find the following four categories for students with separate instructions for each. Those in B must respond to us.

A. For international students currently in Egypt who have no residence in Egypt, we are expecting you to return to the dorms to continue the semester online. look at C or D below. 

If you are an international student, but not planning to return to reside in the dorms because you have found accommodations off-campus, follow B.

B. For all students not in category A above, including all Egyptian students currently in Egypt, we ask you to identify which sub-category of student you belong to (below 1-2) and respond to by 12 midnight tonight (Saturday, March 21) letting us know whether you choose B.1 or B.2. 

B. 1. For those who cannot return to Egypt, Cairo, or AUC, or who simply wish to remain where you are at this time, and who have belongings in your rooms in the Office of Residential Life buildings, we will pack your belongings until you return. We have trusted, professional, and discreet long-time staff to assist us with the packing, and you should be confident that your belongings will remain secure and safe in storage until your return to the dorms once the crisis is over.  

B. 2. For those who wish to return to the dorms to pack their own belongings this week, or who wish to send someone on their behalf to pack for them, you may do so, until Thursday, March 26. However, we urge you to come as soon as possible. We will provide boxes, tape, club cars, and storage if needed, to help you do this quickly and easily. If you are sending someone on your behalf, email the Dean of Students a copy of that person's national ID if Egyptian or AUC ID if a student/alum, or passport if a foreigner.

Those who state their intention to return to pack up, but who do not do it by Thursday, March 26, will find that the Office of Residential Life has packed and stored their belongings. 

C. For students who have already received written approval from the Office of Residential Life to remain in the dorms for the duration of the semester, there is no need to send an email to the Dean of Students. We are expecting you. 

D. For those who intend to remain in the dorms for the duration of the semester but who have not yet received an OK from the Office of Residential life, inform