Steps for E-Payment

1. Click on request transcript/certificate

2. Login using your AUC email username and password

3. Select the type of required document(s): Transcript, Enrollment, Graduation, Ceremonial Diploma, Military Status

4. Choose the delivery option from the drop-down menu

5. Make sure to fill in the following:

  • Quantity/degree level
  • Language (Arabic/English); wherever applicable
  • Additional request (optional)
  • Comments (for request clarification); if needed
  • Mailing address (optional); if selected you have to save the address before going to the next step

6. Verify your order details before clicking Pay Now’*

7. Once payment is processed successfully, an order confirmation email with all the request details will be sent to the email address you provided        

* Fees can be paid in EGP or in any other currency based on the bank rate on the day of payment.

Important Notes:

  • Military Status Letter: This is only for enrolled undergraduate male Egyptians who have officially deferred their military service through AUC.
  • Requests submitted on non-working days/weekends are processed within the following two working days.
  • Opting for courier services will entail additional fees per mailing address.
  • Certificates will not be issued unless all outstanding financial obligations to the University are cleared.
  • Certificates not collected within four months from the date of issuance will be discarded.
  • Non-Egyptian students seeking student visa/residence in Egypt through AUC, are not to select the enrollment letter option, they are to refer to the Business Support Office at

For e-payment technical problems, email

For submission inquiry/issuance, email and make sure to include your student ID number.