Military Service for Egyptian Male Students


Important Instructions
The Egyptian government recognizes you as an Egyptian citizen if your father is an Egyptian citizen (blood citizenship). Any prospective male student residing outside Egypt should contact the Egyptian embassy or consulate to clarify his military obligations before arriving in Egypt.

If you are an Egyptian/dual national male student, the Egyptian government recognizes you as an Egyptian. You are entitled to a six-month stay in Egypt as an Egyptian citizen, without any military service clarifications or obligations. If you exceed the six-month stay, you have to process the military service exemption for Egyptian/dual national in person, otherwise, you will not be allowed to leave the country until you clarify your military service status and issue the military service exemption.

According to Egyptian Civil Law No. 143, Articles (48) and (56) enacted in 1994, all Egyptian citizens must issue the National ID Card within 30 days of their 16th birthday.

Procedure for obtaining your national ID card:

  • Fill out the application form for the national ID card.
  • Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar to be verified and stamped.
  • Proceed to the Civil Registration Office (Segel Madani) the nearest to your residence, and submit the stamped form and your official birth certificate.

According to the Egyptian Military Service Law No. 152, Article (8), enacted in 2009, all undergraduate Egyptian male students must identify their military service status within 30 days of their 19th birthday.

According to the Egyptian Military Service Law No. 127, Article (45), enacted in 1980, all graduate Egyptian male students must submit a photocopy of their military service certificates or forms indicating their military service status.

Procedure for obtaining your military service card and identifying your military service status:

At the beginning of the year when you will be 19 years old, submit your military service card (Betaka 6 or 7 Gond) to the Office of the Registrar to start the military deferral process through AUC. The deadline is mid-April.

Follow the steps below to obtain your military service card (Betaka 6 or 7 Gond):

  1. Go to the police station that issued your National ID (Kesm) to receive 6 Gond, free of charge.
  2. If not there, then go to the Military Headquarters in Gesr El Suez for a 7 Gond form. 
  3. Issue your birth certificate with your military service number and fill out the 7 Gond.
  4. Present it to the police station to add two stamps on 7 Gond forms.
  5. Submit the 6 or 7 Gond to the registrar's front desk. 
  6. Make sure that all the information included in the military service Card is identical to your National ID card.

Follow the steps below to identify your military service status:

  1. Deferring your Military Service:
  • Obtain a “Namouzag 2/3 Gond” from your “Military Service Area”.
  • Submit it along with your military service card to the military and credentials unit, Office of the Registrar, Sunday through Thursday at AUC New Cairo campus, administration building, plaza level.
  • The military and credentials unit will process your military service status.

Important Note:

It is to be noted that the military deferral process takes at least 10 working days to receive it from the military service authority.

2. Military Service Exemption:

  • Students who have the right to get an exemption from the military service (final, temporary, or being dual national) will have to process the exemption in person and then submit the original exemption certificate to the military and credentials unit, Office of the Registrar.

Important Note:
Part-time male Egyptian students are not eligible to receive the enrollment certification necessary to defer their military service or to use it for travel abroad.

Military and Credentials Unit, Office of the Registrar
t+ 20.2.2615.2440