Student Judicial Board

The Student Court is a monitoring body, run by and for students. It addresses specific student concerns and it comprises annually elected members. The Student Court ensures that the SU and all clubs abide by the respective independent constitutions, as well as the general University policy. It also makes sure that the SU members and club officers are committed to fulfilling their responsibilities in a transparent and competent manner. The Student Court is also responsible for monitoring the presidential elections, so as to ensure an objective and impartial electoral process. 

On an individual level, the Student Court hears complaints of students against fellow students and tries to resolve conflicts by acting as a peer mediator. The Student Court is represented in the Student Disciplinary Committee, which addresses students’ misconduct, both in and out of class. The committee also monitors compliance with the University Drug and Alcohol Policy. The Student Court works in conjunction with the Academic Integrity Committee in order to enforce the University Code of Ethics. 

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