Salheya Initiative

In the context of the integrated strategy for working women launched by the Ministry of Manpower and Emigration, the Salheya initiative seeks to:

  • Enhance the understanding of the situation of women in thenew Salheya area regarding the job market, economic resources, and available opportunities through a website developed by SRC to avail opportunities in women economic participation while developing a database linking jobseekers with opportunities.
  • Enhance vocational skills for 1,000 women (18-29) by the Ministry of Manpower to match opportunities in the labor market in the New Salheya Area.
  • Increase participation of women in New Salheya (18-45) in undertaking  private business by the end of the project.
  • Increase skills, abilities and competencies of the Ministry of Investment Gender Equity Unity, established the Gender Equity Seal at the national level to monitor and track certification.

The Social Research Center (SRC)  is providing support for this initiative by conducting a base line survey, identifying needs, providing technical support to the ministry and conducting a monitoring and evaluation of the impact.

Detailed Description of the Activities
First Year Plan December 2010- December 2011
Second Year Plan 2012 Arabic أهم الأنشطة المطلوبة فى العام الثانى من المشروع 
Third Year Plan  2013 Arabic أهم الأنشطة المطلوبة فى العام الثالث من المشروع