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Fleet Service

AUC fleet service is offered to The American University in Cairo (AUC) community and to different guests of departments. Visitors can reserve a vehicle and a driver for trips inside or outside Cairo.

  • New Cairo Faculty Housing (NCFH) daily Pepsi gate/shopping shuttle
  • Faculty, staff, and departments’ reservations (business/private) and airport services
  • Travel services around Egypt
  • Security department parking towing truck (operation and maintenance)
  • Medical services ambulance (operation and maintenance)
  • EHS fire trucks (maintenance)
  • AUC vehicles’ insurance and licensing services
  • Housing, AUC Press, and bookstore cargo transportation services
  • Emergency breakdown maintenance for vehicles parked inside the campus
  • Safe and defensive driving training for AUC employees
  • Security of two patrol trucks (maintenance)
  • Handicap vehicle

Reservation Procedures

  • All reservation requests must be via email to check availability.
  • Priority is always given to business requests.
  • The service will be provided based on resources’ availability and on the first come, first serve model only. The requester will be informed of the cost according to the fleet service fees structure below and the payment method depending on the request type:
    • Business requests: The requester must send a printout for the fund reservation with the cost of the trip by hand or by internal mail to Ehab Helal at the transportation department.
    • Private requests: The fleet service team will send the requester the collection advice form as a scanned copy to pay at the bank or at the cashier. The requester must send a soft copy of the payment receipt to the fleet services and send the original receipt by internal mail to Ehab Helal at the transportation department.
  • The requester must refer to any special assistance needed or handicapped special arrangements.
  • The service requester must fill out the assigned form (car reservation form – airport services form) and submit it prior to the desired date by two business days.
  • Consent of the area head must be secured on the request form or via email approvals.
  • The reservation fleet team receives the requester’s email and takes the below actions:
    • Checks the available capacity (vehicles, drivers) to fulfill the request
    • Calculates trip cost (as per the fleet service fees structure)
    • Providing the requester with the required amount and terms of payment. (fund reservation form for a business trip or collection advice form for personal trips)
  • The requester proceeds with the payment through departmental transfer (fund reservation form or depositing the amount at the cashier office/CIB on-campus branch).
  • The requester must send an email attaching the receipt as payment proof.
  • The requester will receive a confirmation email after payment is settled, including the below information:
    • Vehicle plate number and brand
    • Driver name and cell number
    • Operation supervisor contact for any emergency or complaint
  • In case of emergency reservations (not less than three hours before the intended service delivery time, before 3:00 pm, and only during working days), the following rules apply:
    • A premium charge applies with an additional 50% fee
    • For emergency reservations, contact Ehab Helal and Mina Meshreky at the following numbers, +2.012.7000.1788/1818/1707
  • After fulfilling the service request, all service requesters must sign the Job Order Completion form.

Rules and Regulations

  • All service requests related to medical cases must be approved by the AUC Clinic.
  • Fleet reservation office operating hours are from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm, Sunday through Thursday.
  • Private and business car reservations charges will be calculated based on the following rules:
    • A minimum of two hours will be charged for a single trip
    • A minimum of three hours will be charged for single trips exceeding 30 km
  • Private car reservation requests will receive confirmation only after all business requests are secured.
  • Car reservation requests cannot be made for more than 30 consecutive days.
  • For service request time extension, and in case of availability, the requester (business or private) will be charged for the extra time fee based on the prices indicated in the regular fees table.
  • If the extra charges are not paid, no future requests will be accommodated for the requester.
  • Drivers’ main and only responsibility is to commute requesters to the required destination safely.
  • Requesters must not ask for any additional tasks from the drivers. For instance, they are not allowed to carry bags or receive or give equipment, material, or money.
  • In case of transferring equipment, material, or money, the office or department must assign someone to join the driver during this trip to handle this task.
  • Requesters are asked to retain the vehicle clean.
  • AUC vehicles are intended to be used only to commute passengers along with their personal belongings; luggage is to be placed in the car trunk.
  • Drivers must keep the radio off unless the service requester requests otherwise.
  • The driver's maximum standby time for regular requests is 30 minutes and for the airport, arrivals are 120 minutes. For airport arrival service, if the rider is delayed inside the airport (for lost luggage), the rider should call the driver if the driver is needed to wait longer, and extra hourly fees will be applied.
  • A waiting charge of EGP 100/hr will be charged for two-way trips in the following cases:
    • The trip distance is less than 30 Km, and the time gap between the first pickup and the second pickup is less than three hours.
    • The trip distance is more than 30 Km, and the time gap between the first pickup and the second pickup is less than five hours.

Fleet Services Fee Structure

Vehicle TypeFees
Regular car EGP 100/Hour
Micro-bus EGP 125/Hour
Mini-bus EGP 175/Hour
Airport transfer - Regular car EGP 350/Arrival
EGP 280/Departure
Airport transfer – Micro-busEGP 500/arrival
EGP 375/Departure
Airport transfer – Mini-bus EGP 650/Arrival
EGP 490/Departure

Prices List for Traveling Outside Cairo

FY23 price list for trips outside Cairo (for one way trip - for round trip, double the quoted cost).

DestinationCarMicro BusMini Bus
Ain El Sokhna, Ismailia,
EGP 780EGP 975EGP 1,350
Delta AreaEGP 910EGP 950EGP 1,350
Alexandria, Port Said and
Ras Sedr, Damietta
EGP 1,170EGP 1,200EGP 1,200
Hurghada,Marsa Alam, St.
EGP 1,500EGP 2000EGP 2,600
Sharm El Sheikh, Niwabae,
Matrouh, Dahab
EGP 1,700EGP 2,250EGP 3000
Asuit, Sohag, MenyaEGP 1,750EGP 2,100EGP 2,700
Luxor and AswanEGP 2,250EGP 2,730EGP 3,550

Important Notes

  • The above rates only include the requesters to and from the destination. Any further car usage will be subjected to an hourly fee.
  • The above rates only apply during working days and working hours. Otherwise, they will be subjected to an increase.
  • The driver’s per-diem will be charged to the service requester.


For any inquiries, send an email to [email protected].

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